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Reaching Out Spiritual News September 2019

Welcome to my monthly  newsletter!
My name is Victoria  Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel and live on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA) and Australian Reiki Connection (ARC) and have just had the honour of being awarded 2019 Tasmanian Psychic of the Year!
I give psychic aura and tarot readings, soul and past-life healings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator-of-All-That-Is non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. I am based in Wynyard but can give sessions over the phone, via video call or even remotely.
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Blessings, Victoria

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Launceston Appointments Available!
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Be the Best You Can Be!
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holding you back? Want to move forward but seem to be stuck?
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Work with Victoria on a
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The Spiritual Wisdom Hour

I am live every Wednesday on the 
Spiritual Events Directory Facebook page
Every Wednesday at 12pm.
Listen in for some advice on all things to do
with your spiritual development, meditations
and collective card readings.

Card of the Month

This month’s card is from
Archangel Power Tarot Cards
by Radleigh and Valentine
Archangel Jophiel
Release yourself from that holds you back!
A need to detox. Unnecessary worry
based on a lack of self-confidence.”

Inside Theta Healing

An Equal Exchange of Energy

In this line of work , setting the cost of a reading or healing to ensure an equal exchange of energy can be tricky. Knowing how much people struggle to make ends meet these days means that spiritual healings or psychic readings are a luxury, even though they can be a catalyst for change. Even so, any service provided needs a fair price so that the client values the service and takes the advice seriously.
One  important spiritual law is the law of equipoise or fair exchange. Everything in the world works on an exchange or trade of energy which, when equal, leaves everything and everyone involved in balance. If, however, there is imbalance on one side, it can leave the other person and the situation way  out of balance and put the relationship in jeopardy of falling apart. Examples of unequal exchanges of energy are: someone taking something from a friend without showing appreciation or saying thankyou, a friend that talks non-stop about all their problems without asking how you are, a service provider charging for services that are incomplete or unsatisfactory, or a person that expects a service but is not willing to pay for it. Any service, friendship or interaction between humans can be seen as energy and, if the energy is not returned, appreciate of is disrespected, the other person can become very disgruntled and unhappy.
An energy exchange does not always have to involve money and achieving balance in the exchange depends upon the expectations of the people involved. Fair exchanges of energy may be as simple as a smile and a thank you, filling up the tank after borrowing the car or picking up a friend’s children after they have babysat yours. Any energy exchange that is agreed upon by both parties will result in a balance the keeps the relationship on an even keel.
There are some people who subscribe to the belief that spiritual or psychic services should be free, but I wonder if they would do something for nothing and expect to feel happy with that? Just because it is a spiritual service doesn’t mean that the psychic or healer hasn’t set aside the time, travelled to their office using petrol they have had to buy, used their phone or had to hire a babysitter in order to fulfil their appointment obligations. God’s energy may be free but human energy isn’t.
If you have ever come away from a conversation, meeting, lunch date etc with a friend, colleague or family member feeling exhausted and completely drained, then the energy exchange between you has been unequal and the other person has actually stolen your energy. The same thing applies if you have done a healing or had a healing and feel drained - the trade has actually been sacrificial rather than an exchange. I have known some people to take days to recover from episodes like that. Some people are energy vampires without even realising it - if it’s a family or friend that you are obliged to see regularly, I recommend you learn how to protect your energy and to limit the number of times you get together! Otherwise, cut ties and find another service provider!
Victoria Cochrane

    Spiritual Snippets

The Four Stages of Awakening

A spiritual awakening is a process of becoming more aware. Where we step out of the box we are living in, the beliefs we were conditioned with and begin the process of feeling, sensing that there is more than this life we are currently living. We begin to feel things like we have never felt before. Some may even start to see things, hear words or noises, or know things randomly they wouldn’t usually know, and some will think they are going crazy.
Awakening can be overwhelming, mainly depending on what triggered it. At the beginning for me, it was subtle shifts in my belief systems and friendships. Then in 2013 with the death of my grandma, it began to open up more. In 2015 with the death of my father, all the walls remaining around me came tumbling down and the flood broke free. I tried to hide it, escape it, and numb it but it only got louder over time. Death of someone we love tends to be a trigger for awakening, as we become more open to believing as a means to connect to those who are no longer physically here with us that we miss so much.
An awakening always starts with the shifting of your consciousness, meaning you begin to release beliefs you have always had and It’s not that you suddenly have new beliefs, you don’t know what to believe.
You may even begin feeling things you have never felt before, experiencing emotions, fears, or have thoughts you wouldn’t usually have. You start asking, “who am I ?” Why am I here? What is my purpose? What the heck is happening?
You start questioning and seeking answers to things you never thought you would ask. The thirst for understanding of all things spiritual becomes insatiable.
In my experience there was no one way to say, “here is what’s going on and here is what you can do to help yourself.” It was frustrating as I didn’t know who or what to trust. I didn’t trust myself, I no longer knew who I was, so how could I trust someone else?
Of course, this was all just as it was supposed to be; however, it doesn’t mean you have to struggle through your awakening. I want to share with you the fours stages of awakening to help you navigate what you may be experiencing.
The four stages of awakening have nothing to do with opening your gifts ( ie. seeing, hearing, feeling spirit), or opening up your psychic or healing abilities. Instead, these stages help you to remember the divine truth, who you are and what your purpose is in this human existence. Your gifts will open on your path to self-discovery to assist you in this transition. After that what you do with your sacred gifts is up to you.
The four stages of awakening happen over time. Stage one and two are about stepping into self-discovery, while stage three and four are self-mastery. These stages can happen quickly, or we can get stuck in a stage for a while, it all depends on your commitment to yourself and this journey. Most will even revisit the first two stages several times, peeling off new layers and opening themselves up to flow even further.
Johanna Burkhardt

Next month, Stages 1 and 2


Messages From Beyond the

Solar System

There have been many people receiving messages from a race of beings called Arcturians, who are highly intelligent and forecasting the future for ascended humans. Arcturians, or Arcturuns, hail from the planet Arcturus and have lived life in form, but many also live as intelligent consciousness and traverse the universe as they wish. Their intentions are peaceful and their wisdom all-encompassing and their missives are gaining popularity amongst awakened humans. Pleaides is a star system that also harbours intelligent consciousness and their messages are also said to have been channelled by some humans. In fact, there are many highly intelligent races in the universe who are unimpeded by time or space that can travel across galaxies at the speed of light. As they are unencumbered by a body, their consciousness can last for aeons of time.
What can they teach us? Races such as Arcturuns, Orionions, Pleaidians and Siriuns can all teach us to live in harmony with the planet and each other. Live as in nature, taking only what you need and replacing it in kind. Treat each other and your planet with respect and honour your body as a temple. They can also teach how to see life as calculations, meaning that, theoretically, all life has a code, including emotions, disease and pain. Unencumbered by emotion, highly intelligent beings could solve many scientific and medical riddles easily.
The fascination of humans for contacting alien intelligence can override caution, which I now impart to you. Although these beings are, for the most part, peaceful and well meaning, they do not think or interact as humans do and they have no consideration for human emotion or individual well-being. They do wish to see the human race ascend above the third dimension, because the dense vibrations emitted out to the universe affect them just as much as they do the Earth. However, in interacting with these beings, please be aware that they work for the greater good which can, in extreme circumstances, involve a sacrifice of energy at the expense of individuals. They are also extremely cautious around humans, due to violent interactions with some humans in the not-so-distant-past.
Like any human soul, starseeds who incarnate into a body on the planet Earth, whether human or some other form, find themselves confronted by a barrage of emotional torment and conditional love. Many do not last the length of their contract as humans as the difficulties they face are so foreign to their peaceful and loving souls. If they find a form that is unconventional and rarely seen, they face capture and experimentation. In addition, the technologies on Earth are far inferior to those to which they are accustomed and the evolution of the human race has not advanced enough to accept intelligence of their kind without exploitation. Therefore, it is far wiser for these beings to communicated telepathically with psychically advanced humans than it is to walk the Earth in form.
By all means, listen to their messages. They have much to teach you. Know they are peaceful and have loving intent. However, be wary of allowing them into your psyche willingly because, with free will given, their presence could be all encompassing for the open-minded but inexperienced psychic. If in doubt, please call upon me or any Master of Light for assistance.
I AM Archangel Michael

Poetic Musings 

Self Talk

If you think you can, you’ll do it,
And everything will flow.
But if you think you can’t, you won’t,
And that will just be that.

If you say you’re good, you’ll feel it,
Even if it’s hard.
If you think of all your ills,
They’ll bring you down some more.

If you tell yourself you’re worth it,
and give yourself your dues,
How much can you achieve
Because you believe in you?

If you tell yourself you’re rubbish,
That no-one could ever love you,
You’re consciousness will believe it,
And your world will never change.

If all you see is darkness, loneliness and pain,
The light will never enter,
Because your mind has blocked it off.

But, if you can acknowledge
The blessings in your life,
More good things will follow
Because you believe they will.

Victoria Cochrane

Monthly Meditations

Lotus Flower Meditation

Be seated comfortably and close your eyes. Take three, slow abdominal breaths and feel yourself relaxing. Be aware of your physical body in the chair, your feet on the floor and the sounds around you.

Envision a beautiful, white lotus flower in your heart space. As you focus on it watch as it floats up towards your crown. It settles on the top of your crown. Watch, then, as the stem of the lotus flower grows down through your chakra line, connecting all your chakras and anchoring down into Mother Earth. Watch as roots grow out of the stem, firmly anchoring you into the Earth. The leaves are your chakras, which all begin to spin, cleansing, balancing, aligning and activating to the highest frequency for you.
As you focus on each chakra (Base, Red; Sacral, Orange; Solar Plexus, Yellow; Heart, Green; Throat, Blue; Brow, Indigo; Crown, Violet) breathe in, then breathe light and love into the chakra; breathe in, then breathe out all discordant and negative energy from the chakra; breathe in, breathe out and fill the chakra with positive energy. Hold the energy and intend that it is balanced and aligned.
As you again reach your crown you find yourself sitting in the lotus position on top of your white lotus flower. You feel peaceful and calm as the pure energy of the lotus flower permeates your being. You are a merging with the light sitting upon the white lotus flower, which represents the unconditional love of the Creator of All That Is. As you sit on the lotus you gradually become one with it, pure of mind, body, heart and spirit. You are totally at one now with the Creator and the Universe. In this space everything just is… you are in an Alpha state and a Theta state, you are light, love and of essence. You just ARE.
Concentrate now on the light breathing in and out on a slow count of four. See, feel, or know the light is there. Breathe in, breathe out, and the light is fills your chest. Breathe in, breathe out, and the light fills both your arms. Breathe in, breathe out, and your neck and head are filled with light. Breathe in, breathe out, and the light fills the rest of your body. Breath in, breathe right out and you are now encased in the light of the Seventh Plane, which is unconditional love. You are safe, connected and in total love bliss. Breathe in this light, breathe it out as love. Continue to focus on your breath and feel the air as warm light. (Wait for one minute).
Time now to bring yourself back to the room. See yourself on top of the lotus, watch as the stem retracts back into the flower and lotus descend back into your heartspace. When you are ready, open your eyes.”
I AM Archangel Michael  VC

Join Victoria every Wednesday at 12 noon on Spiritual Events Directory Facebook Page for insights on spiritual and psychic development. She will talk to participants about topics such as awakening consciousness, chakras and auras, connecting to guides and using spiritual tools. She will facilitate meditation and draw cards for the collective based on the topic or questions that arise through interactive discussion.

The Last Word 

The Rainbows in the Vegie Patch

After a Christmas and New Year season of far too much eating, drinking and being merry it was time to do something about the spare tyre growing around my middle. Jumping on the exercise bike I had plenty to look at – the tidal water lapping onto our back yard and the vegie garden bursting with greenness and vitality. On a sunny morning such as this it was a sight for sore eyes.
We live on an estuary that is tidal, so when the tide comes in the river swells and we can launch our canoes and, at high tide, the boat straight into the water. The bush is on crown land and we love to keep it ‘rustic’ and bushy. We have families of noisy kookaburras, wattle birds and plovers, and occasionally ducks and pelicans glide by. Despite living on a main highway we think we have our own little slice of heaven right here.
As a psychic channel and clairvoyant I see a lot more in a theta state than I do with the naked eye, so I decided to tune in to the backyard to see what the energy was like. Oh my goodness! I wish I could draw it for you. The vegie gardens were covered in rainbows! It was so beautiful. I looked for nature sprites found them in the big, bushy tomato plant in the picture. Sparkly light emanated from the bush and the energy was just bursting with love, light and laughter.
Tuning into the river I saw a path of light leading from our garden to the water. This felt like a link from the elementals in the water to those in the garden. The trees by the river were emanating healthy auras and the whole garden was alive with light and colour. It was amazing! Our backyard was a haven and was emanating the beautiful energies of nature and ascension right in front of my third eye!! I was very excited!
I then looked over to our green gauge plum tree. It may only be a few decades old but its energy is ancient! It was just like the sage card in my tarot deck: a wizened tree holding the knowledge of the universe and of Mother Earth. The leaves emitted a greeny/yellowy glow and its aura radiated out in undulating waves.
I asked Creator about this awesomely, beautiful energy coming from the plants in my back yard. He said, “The love that you and Richy have for each other and that you give to the plants in your garden, combined with and the new energies of ascension coming from Mother Earth have created a vortex of love-energy that radiates the colours, virtues, attributes and essences of our Father/Mother God. Your energies combined have created this haven for all planes of existence, and this is reflected in the abundance of produce, plant and animal life and joy you receive from the garden and the river. Any garden that is thriving emit an energy of love and draw elementals and abundance to it. A beautiful space can only emit a beautiful energy.”
Wow! How special is that! VC

List of Services for 

Victoria Cochrane

A session may include any or all of the following:
· Psychic aura reading/body scan: Victoria uses her clairvoyance to see what is being held 
energetically in your auric field, 
in your chakras and organs.
·   Spiritual healing: Victoria will witness powerful Divine  healings to lift past trauma and negative belief systems to help you to move into the future
·  Channelled messages from your 
angel guides and the Creator
·   Mediumship: talk to your passed over loved ones
· Psychic tarot and oracle card reading
· Reiki
· Pendulum chakra activation

By appointment at 120 Goldie St Wynyard,
by phone or video call,
or once a month at 
Second Nature Wellness,
128 St. John St. Launceston
Phone: 0417581107

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