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Reaching Out Spiritual News December 2017 Edition

Welcome to my monthly  newsletter!
My name is Victoria  Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel and live on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am an Advanced Theta Healer, Reiki Master, psychic medium and  spiritual tutor. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA) and Australian Reiki Connection (ARC).
I give tarot readings, psychic readings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. To read testimonials about my work, please visit my website, www.victoriacochrane.com
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A Word From the Creator

Giving and receiving are gifts of the heart. The manner in which the exchange occurs will affect the impact on both giver and receiver in the future.

     Card of the Month
This month’s card is from
Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards
By Stewart Pearce

Hanael: Hope

Repeat three times:
“Hope is the elixir of the Divine” and
allow the dove of peace to enter your life.

Becoming Psychic

Trusting the Inner Voice

Image result for channelling spirit
Many of you will have heard my story of how my deceased grandfather taught me how to channel (Hearing the Voice of Pa). At that time I had no idea how I would receive the messages or whether what was coming into my head were my own thoughts or not. Many people have asked me how I channel messages.
 It is difficult for me to describe or teach channelling because it is something that just developed and that I was possibly born with, so it is hard to know exactly how I do it! The other thing is that other people may have different techniques to me but I am happy to give tips that I have found helpful to those of you who would like to try it or are having thoughts come in already.
Channelling is where the mind receives messages outside ones own thoughts. It can happen if you have asked a question in your mind or thoughts may just come in randomly without even having thought them. Some people do hear voices as well.
The keys to pure channelling (i.e. trustworthy) are not many but are ones I consider useful:
Þ Know who you are talking to. Messages from the spirit world are much less trustworthy than those from a Master or an Archangel
Þ Make sure you are grounded and hydrated
Þ Ask for any messages for your highest and best, not just the greater good. What is for the greater good is not always the best for us!
Þ Clear your mind and let the message come in - if you start over-thinking it, stop and start again
Þ Be specific in your questioning and clear in your intentions
Þ Trust that you can do it!
TRUST is the key word in any type of spiritual or psychic work; if I didn’t trust my own ability my work would be seriously compromised.
The same tips can be applied to the use of tarot or oracle cards and pendulums.
If it is still difficult, try automatic writing.


When Love Causes Pain
Image result for broken heart

Your lightbody is your ethereal body. You were born from the light and you will return to the light when you die; in this form you are pure love. Your whole existence is born from a peaceful and loving intention. When souls are born into existence on Earth in human form, they learn what it is to hate and to fear. They also learn what it feels like to be in love and to be loved. An emotional existence such as this can cause great joy, but it can also cause immense heartache and pain.
For people in a non-ascended state, broken love can lead to the lower vibrations of revenge and spite. It can lead to jealousy, rage, vindictiveness and anger. In the state of the ego one tends to focus on self and how one has been affected by the spurning of another or by a broken relationship. If one’s love is not returned one may feel great sorrow and pity for self and may be tempted to gossip or bad-mouth that person. In the Third Dimension, when love is going well all will seem joyous, but if it is not then love can turn to hate very quickly.
For people who have raised their conscious awareness to the upper levels of the Fourth Dimension  there may be sorrow, naturally, but the ability to see the reason behind every word and every action will make it much easier for them to forgive and to move on. The bigger picture is easier to see in the higher dimensions; being able to see things from the other person’s point of view, not just one’s own, brings a much more peaceful and swifter resolution to matters if events have not turned out as one has hoped. In this higher state it is also easier for a person to examine the part they played in the breakdown of the relationship and how they can work on the traits that are less attractive to others. If people can do this they will be taking steps to avoid future relationships do going the same way.
I AM forever in service to you.
Lord Melchizadek

The Symptoms of Ascension

Image result for symptoms of ascension into the 5th dimension

I greet you with love and in the light of the Creator. I have come forth to explain to you the symptoms of ascension, or the raising of your awareness to your own spiritual truth. As you become more awakened and aware, more light will enter into your energy centres, called chakras. Your third eye will become more knowing and your psychic senses will begin to increase. Your body will begin to change in its needs, such as being drawn to organic food or repelling the idea of eating meat. Your senses will become more attuned and honed to the sights and sounds around you and you may find yourself living a healthier lifestyle altogether. You may also find that your body becomes more sensitive to foods or to the environment and that you can no longer eat or use substances that once caused you little concern.
As your chakras receive extra light, they will begin to spin and vibrate at a faster and higher level. This will allow you to think and feel at a higher level also. You will begin to feel more accepting and less judgemental of others, yourself and your current situation. You will begin to show more compassion towards other humans and to animals. You will find that the acceptance of cruelty to animals or injustices to humans will be intolerable to you. Your interest in world affairs and injustices will be heightened and you may find that you become drawn to
 charity work or to helping others without wishing anything in return.
The unpleasant side to raising your energies to a higher vibration are the physical symptoms you may experience. You may feel lightheaded, have constant headaches or some nausea. You may become irritable or unexplainably tired; your body may ache and your joints may swell; you may feel tremors in all or certain parts of your body. These symptoms are not permanent nor are they dangerous and they are signs that you are in the process of bringing in your lightbody and joining Mother Earth in her ascension.
  I AM Lord Melchizadek 

Spiritual Matters
 Christmas- The Birth of the Christ Consciousness

December 25, 2014
Christmas is about birth, the birthing of Christ consciousness. Regardless of religion, we are all familiar with Christ consciousness—a loving, compassionate presence. The saying, "What would Jesus do?" is the same as saying, "What would Buddha or The Dalai Lama do." These beings reached enlightened states of love during their lifetimes, leading by example.
Each and every one of us has the capacity to forgive and choose love. So this holiday season, channel that light within you and be extra loving, understanding, kind, compassionate and forgiving. Release old grudges and may this light lead you into tomorrow and everyday.
And so I share with you this quote from the book Love in a Time of Cholera because everyday in every moment we have the choice to be born again, born into our highest selves radiating love to share with the world. Blessings, and have a beautiful holiday.
Nikki Starr Noce M.D.
“He allowed himself to be swayed by his conviction that human beings are not born on the day their mothers give birth to them,  but that life obliges them, over and over again, to give birth to themselves.”     Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Spiritual Musings

A Very Tassie Christmas

Image result for Christmas tree

     The tree is up, the lights are lit,
The pressies are wrapped
And under it.
The food is bought, the cake is made,
The Chrissie cards are on their way.
    The turkey bakes, the carols play,
The family rings with lots to say.
We crack the champers while we talk,
Wishing to all our kids homes we could walk.
    We love our life and the home we chose,
But at these times we miss the most,
Our children, friends and family,
Who cannot travel o’er the sea.
    We’ll see them soon and get to say,
We miss them every single day.
But our lives our here, our hearts are too,
So it’s a Merry Christmas from us to you!  VC

Beauty Is..?

Image result for Inner beauty

What do we define as beauty?
 Do we have to see It?
Is it glossy hair, big brown eyes or glowing skin?
 Is it only looks that catches every eye ,
Or does true beauty come from deep within?
 How do you truly know the nature of a person?
Can you feel it coming from their heart?
When you feel connection and a joining of the minds
Perhaps they've seen YOUR beauty from the start?
A clever mind or handsome face is lovely and appealing.
But our appearance is like a cover of a book.
The beauty of our souls may be hidden and protected
But you'll see it if you take the time to look.

 Spiritually Speaking

A Christ-mas Meditation

Image result for christ consciousness

Seat yourself comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe in and out  on a total count of eight, relaxing your shoulders and muscles more with each outbreath.
Now, in your minds-eye see (or visualise) a golden star. It is surrounded by a bluish light and its golden colour is captivating. As you concentrate on the star, you see another one forming on the outside of it, then another and another until there are stars multiplying rapidly all around it. You are now in a sea of stars and, as you watch or imagine, you become one with them all. YOU are now a golden star surrounded by blue light and a million other stars just like you.
You become aware that the star is the Christ Consciousness and that you are one with it. In fact, this beautiful consciousness is always a part of you, connected to you and able to be accessed at all times. Floating in the golden light, you feel safe, loved and totally protected.
As this love floods your body you become aware of another connection: that of the Creator of All That Is. His light is a luminous bluish-white, his love is unconditional and, in his light, truth is absolute. You are one with the Creator and with the Christ Consciousness, the love that binds the universe together.
Watch now as the Angel of Hope comes before you and bestows you with a gift of a shining orb. The colour and size are particular for you and, as you hold this gift you instinctively know where to place it : in your heart– space, your third eye or maybe one of your chakras. This orb is a healing sphere and will resolve, heal and dissolve any past karma, trauma or contract that is still binding you but no longer serves you. Feel the loving and healing energy as you release the past. Allow your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, your aura, chakras, organs and cells to be cleansed, aligned, balanced and activated to a higher frequency of light.
Finally, before you bring yourself back to awareness, sit still in the energy of Christ and God and just be, for this is YOUR OWN energy, YOUR love and YOUR higher self. You are a co-creator and a spoke of the Divine wheel, able to create a world where all people are accepted, loved unconditionally and united. Feel the power of your own Divinity and bring it back to your conscious mind to spread to the world throughout your day.
The second coming, dear ones, is each and every person on Earth claiming and accepting their Divine blueprint and living the Christ Consciousness on Earth.
I AM Jesus (Jeshua ben Joseph) and I love you with all that I have and all that I am. WE ARE one.

The Last Word

Protecting the New Energies

The new age has brought with it new conditions for living on the Earth. It is no longer appropriate to living in the energy of doing for self and stroking the ego. It is time for the human soul to look beyond his own self’s needs and to consider the needs of his fellow man. The years following ascension are a time of assimilating new energies on Earth. Those who have already ascended find themselves living between worlds: that is, they know how to look at things from the higher perspective of the Fifth Dimension, yet they are also living in the lower energies of  non-ascended, less-enlightened beings. It is therefore a time of assimilating the higher energies into the day-to-day living on Earth. Ascended beings must continue to communicate with their fellow humans in order to assist as many people as possible to bring in their Lightbodies and to ascend into the Fifth Dimension.
The denser energies of the Third Dimension are now falling away. Any person or situation that is not in integrity will begin to be exposed. Lies and untruths will be revealed, and long-hidden secrets will be unveiled. What has previously been hidden will be stripped away to reveal bare bones: the skeletons in the cupboard, as you say. Know that this must occur, because the higher energies of the Fifth Dimension cannot tolerate the lower energies that have ruled the Earth in the Third Dimensional state.
When Mother Earth rose to the Fifth Dimension she brought with her the promise of a future no longer steeped in hatred. Humans who rose with her can no longer tolerate the egos of those who tell them that they are better than others, that they know more, or that the needs or status of some are better than others. The illusion of separation is no more, as those who have ascended now practise oneness, peace, tolerance, and unconditional love. ….                  
When Lightworkers practise these things in the presence of others the ripple effect is great.
Excerpt from Beyond Ascension: Universal Truths. Cochrane, 2016. Victoria Cochrane Publications

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