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Reaching Out Spiritual News May 2018

Welcome to my monthly  newsletter!
My name is Victoria  Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel and live on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am an Advanced Theta Healer, Reiki Master, psychic medium and  spiritual tutor. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA) and Australian Reiki Connection (ARC).
I give tarot readings, psychic readings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. To read testimonials about my work, please visit my website,
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A Word From the Creator

Look for the blessings in every situation.
By focusing on what is right, not wrong, you will create a much more positive reality.

    Card of the Month
This month’s card is from
Earth Power Oracle Cards
by Stacey Demarco
Fushimiinari Grand Shrine
“I nourish myself and I am open and completely abundant. I am fertile in every  way. I am joyful and happy.”

Becoming Psychic

Reading the Tarot: More Than Meets the Eye

Many people read tarot cards professionally and are great at it, being named as ‘amazing’ because of their accuracy in relation to the person they are reading for. The tarot are extremely complicated and take years to master; in fact I am not sure one could ever completely master them! There are so many meanings that can be associated with each card, and sometimes there is no book that could explain the meaning of the card that has come out specifically for the person ‘s circumstance. Very tricky!
In my mind, however, it is not the accuracy of the reading that is the critical thing so much as the energy and intention that it is carried out in. The responsibility of the reader is to remember that many people turn to readings for guidance and clarity in moments of their life when they are emotionally vulnerable. The likelihood of them taking everything a reader says as gospel is very high and readers must remember that nothing is ever set in stone! A prediction is only as good as the decisions it is founded on, and even less reliable when the prediction rests on other people such as bosses and husbands. The client themselves might choose to reject the predictions and consequently make choices that will create a different reality, changing the outcome.
The other thing to consider is whether the reader knows who their source is, that is, who they are talking to! Many readers talk to ‘spirit’ without knowing who ‘spirit’ is. There are many different levels of vibration in the spirit world and the source will effect the energy of the reader and of the reading. The best way of knowing is whether the person is in ego or not, if they are trying to impress or genuinely help you etc. The energy of the reader will reflect whether they are using spirit world or angelic energy. It is important because spirit world are more likely to be less accurate and more in ego, potentially compromising the reading. The price the reader charges is also a good indication. While all readers must have an exchange of energy and make a living, an exorbitant fee is a good sign they are doing it to serve self rather than for the clients greater good.
Use your intuition when choosing a reader and if their energy resonates with you, trust what you are feeling. After all, everyone has the ability to be psychic and, in the energy of ascension, many people are awakening to their own gifts. You never know, one day it could be you reading for other people. It happened for me!!
Victoria Cochrane

    Spiritual Snippets
Ascension News

Extracts from by
 Steve Nobel | 31 Jul 2017 
Retrieved on 6/5/18
“Ascension is an increase in light in your energy fields. Anything that is not light will be brought up to the surface for healing and transformation. Another word for light could be love. Cleanse yourself of all that is not love. Hold up fear to the light. The ego, which is a protection set of programs, will seek to protect you from light, from love. Eventually the ego itself will be transformed in this fiery process.
Ascension is a personal and collective process.  Do not worry about the planet. Everything is going ahead as it needs to. Focus on your own awakening first. When you are ready then you can step on your path of service. That path may be small or grand but whatever it is it will be essential.
The process can feel challenging. You may be judged, by yourself or others, as being selfish. When you start to focus on your growth and awakening this can happen, especially if you are someone that has been running around after other people. You are not ignoring the needs of the world by opening to the ascension process. Rather, this is like the instruction when flying to put the oxygen mask on yourself before trying to assist others. This is just one challenge. There are many others.
Ascension comes with certain side effects. When the process begins you may feel weird in different ways. Changes are occurring on all levels of your being. These can be experienced on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. You are going through an energetic reboot. There can be digestive problems, your diet may naturally change. You may want to eat in new ways. This is not a conscious thing more you body just shifting. There can be strange head sensations. Changes in hearing or an increased sensitivity to sound. The same can apply to bright lights. Changes in sleep patterns with waves of extreme fatigue that can come and go unexpectedly. General body aches and pains, including tension and soreness. Sporadic bursts of increased energy. Feeling hyper-active at times. Sudden anxiety, panic attacks for no apparent reason, accelerated mental energy, racing or scattered thoughts. Feeling Intense or unusual vibrations. Also intense emotions that come and go. A need for more personal space. Feeling more drawn to be in nature and in more serene environments. A lack of mental focus, feeling scattered, brain fog and being unusually forgetful. The list continues. I recommend you doing a search on the internet for Ascension Symptoms. There is plenty of information out there.”
Note from Victoria:
I have been through all of the above and most of my work is towards the ascension of the planet. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for help or advice.


Awaken to a New Day

Awaken to see the morning in all of its glory. The world looks anew and everything is full of promise. No matter how dark the road behind or in front of you may be, bask in this beautiful moment and be grateful for all that you have. This moment is all that you have and is all that matters. See it as a promise of what is to come - the dawning of a new era in your life where the Earth and Universe provides all that you need.
On this new day, life is a gift and the world is your oyster. Feel the energy of creation flow through your veins; you are alive and all that is on the Earth is yours to experience. What is it that you have been putting off? What have you been too timid, too tired or too busy to do? Seize the moment and make time. Make a promise to yourself right now, in this glorious moment, to do for yourself the things you have never had the time, energy or confidence to do. When you make this decision, the Universe will hear you and will assist you to follow through with your plans.
Change your thinking and you can change your life. How have you been denying yourself the opportunities that are open to you, should you believe in them? What excuses have you been making for not allowing yourself to be the best that you can be. Have you been allowing others to influence your beliefs because you do not feel you are worthy enough? Now is the time to change your thinking and take control of your life. Believe in yourself and others will do the same. Now is the time!
Renew your enthusiasm and you will see things afresh. How has your life been dreary, without excitement or interest? Or perhaps you have been so busy that the world is simply passing you by? No one else can change your situation but you! What can YOU do to change your life, even if you need to work within the restrictions of your work or home life? What can you tell yourself that will help you to change the way you view others and the world around you? How can you use this glorious moment to inspire you to take a leap of faith and do what you have always wanted to do, or to at least dare to dream that it may be impossible? When you believe it, you can create it because it will suddenly seem possible and achievable.
As you start the day, give thanks for all that you have, even if it doesn’t seem like much to you. Wealth can be measured in many ways, but no material object on Earth can be taken with you when your soul departs your body. What do you have in your life that can be measured but not held in your hands? Love, family, friendship, health, children, beautiful surroundings….give thanks for your blessings and the abundance in your life IN THIS MOMENT. Feel the joy as you embark on your day and know that your intentions and affirmations are powerful manifestors of your dreams.
I AM the one you know as Jesus
Love and blessings to you.

Karma and Death Doors

Greetings and many blessings to you.
The energy on Earth is that of turmoil and uncertainty, and many may think that ascension will never be realised. The number of deaths on Earth may seem unprecedented and even increasing, with  many murders, accidents and even suicides that were out of character and unplanned and unexpected, plunging countless families into grief and despair. The explanation is complex but, put simply, every human meets with their soul family before reincarnating on Earth and makes a ‘soul contract’ for their next life on Earth. Every soul has its life’s path, lessons to learn, chosen time and way of death written within it and, when the contract is up the person will die. So, for many, the end of their life is merely the completion of their life’s contract. Sometimes a soul will decide to leave before their time because they feel they have done all they can on Earth or because they have lost their way and cannot complete their chosen lessons. In addition, sometimes the person’s body has deteriorated to such an extent that the quality of life is no longer viable, and the soul decides to leave. Death is always a choice that a soul is free to make at any stage of their lifetime in human form on Earth.
In many cases of unexplained or unexpected death another soul has impinged on the victim’s free will and taken their life. According to the Law of Karma, as the pendulum swings one way it must return; Spiritual Law requires that these souls repay the karma they have created and die at the hand of the victim in their next lifetime, meaning that a seemingly unplanned or unjust death on Earth may actually have been planned and agreed upon before the people involved were even born.
For those who have been presented with a death door such as an impending fatal accident or terminal cancer but whose souls have chosen not to go through it, the event may still happen but result in major injury rather than death. The ensuing time will be an immense period of pain and recovery as they adjust to the transitional energies and renewed opportunities awaiting them. If their body is not recovering from the event in which they shunned death it is because their soul is grappling with past trauma, fear and indecision which needs healing. People going through difficult recoveries are always accompanied by angelic guides who are there to help them to evaluate their priorities and to find a new path. In some cases, an accident resulting in permanent disability may be part of the soul’s life contract and a lesson they have chosen to learn. A life lived with a disability is a difficult lesson but a valuable one, because it serves to accelerate a person’s journey into soul mastery. There are many cases where people who have experienced major trauma use the incident as inspiration to change their lives for the better and to become wayshowers for others. I AM AA Michael

Spiritual Snippets

Poetic Musings

The Things We Say

The things we say can mean so much, or little, depending on the one who hears our words.
The way we feel about ourselves affects the way we perceive the words we hear, or don’t hear, as it may be.
How we react to a throw off remark, a casual comment or social conversation,
Reveals to others our insecurities or inflated ego, our fears, lack of self-love or perhaps a fake bravado.
So when you speak and another reacts in a way you were least expecting,
Don’t own that reaction, but at the same time consider your words and the intention behind them,
Because the intention behind the words is clearer to the recipient than you may intend!

Did you know...

that thoughts are energy and can attach to other people as psychic hooks or attacks?
Yikes! That’s right. In the energy of the Creator, which is unconditional love and the only thing that is real, we are all one. This means that every person on Earth is connected because humans are made up of energetic frequencies that radiate out and affect the energy of others.
If thoughts are directed intentionally to another person they attach to them and affect them energetically. So, a loving thought will have a positive effect on the person it was intended for, attaching to them and creating a loving energy for them. It may even help them to raise their energies and become a bit happier. But a nasty intentional thought will also affect the person and stay on them , potentially causing a lowering of vibration and even physical pain. The more thoughts directed at a person the deeper and longer-lasting the effect. Particularly vicious thoughts can look like energetic knives or daggers! So, think carefully! VC

The Last Word

The Full Force of the Human Ego

The way of the Third Dimensional human world is to condemn, judge and criticise. It is to make a mockery of others in order to save face and to achieve greatness at the expense of others. However, ego is merely an illusion and a trickery of human existence which can create a very low vibration, and glorifying the importance of self will never allow the world to rise in ascension and to achieve oneness.
Remember who you are, Dear Ones. Remember that there is more to living on Earth that doing and creating that which serves little purpose than to create karma and unpleasant memories. If you were taken back to the time before your birth, the promise of life on Earth and all that you thought you could achieve would feel wondrous and exciting. Then, as your spirit took up residence in your spiritual form, your higher consciousness slowly subsided and was taken over by your ego, the voice inside your head that tells you that you are more important and special than others and, if you don’t feel it, that you should be.
 Life in the physical world is heavy and dense and the only way many humans can maintain their mental and emotional bodies is to lay blame on others and to steal their light. However, in doing so, their own energies become blocked, dense and very heavy, and they become very negative and often very unhealthy people. Yes, the weight of the baggage of the past in the mental and emotional bodies can become far too much for the physical body and it will begin to break down. If the person has become so negative that their thoughts and words are toxic, their physical body will carry these vibrations and serious diseases can occur.
Beloveds, if you were to pass over tonight, how would you like to be remembered? What would you have liked to achieve in your life and what would you be grateful for? Would you be proud of yourself or would you feel ashamed. Could you claim to have lived your life to the full, striving to achieve your full potential by making the most of every opportunity, or would you feel that you had wasted it? You are powerful co-creators and every thought you have can change your reality. Just by changing your perspective you can change your life.
I ask you today to look beyond your ego and see the world around you from a higher perspective. How are your actions affecting the people around you? Are your thoughts heavy, negative and limiting or light and empowering? Are you bound by the past or living in the moment. What impact are you having on the energies and vibrations of the world?
Take some time today to reflect on my words and know that, in the eyes of the Creator there is no judgment, criticism or condemnation for anything you have done. You are loved unconditionally and beyond measure. All I ask today is for you to feel this love for yourself and to send love out to the world, to your loved ones and even to your enemies. If you can put their egos aside and see the world through a wider lens, even for a few minutes at a time, the veils of illusion will continue to lift and you will notice a change in the world around you.
I AM Master Kathumi  VC

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