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Reaching Out Spiritual News January 2020

Welcome to my monthly  newsletter!
My name is Victoria  Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel and live on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA) and Australian Reiki Connection (ARC) and have just had the honour of being awarded 2019 Tasmanian Psychic of the Year!
I give psychic aura and tarot readings, soul and past-life healings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator-of-All-That-Is non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. I am based in Wynyard but can give sessions over the phone, via video call or even remotely.
To read testimonials about my work, please visit my website, www.victoriacochrane.com
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Blessings, Victoria

What's Coming Up?

New Podcast

234 Raising the Energies of Mother Earth with Victoria Cochrane


I am excited to present my new podcast with April from Path 11 Productions, talking about my first book, "Raising the energies of Mother Earth Towards and After Ascension - The Highest Truth."

The Spiritual Wisdom Hour

I am live every Wednesday on the 
Spiritual Events Directory Facebook page
Every Wednesday at 12pm.
Listen in for some advice on all things to do
with your spiritual development, meditations
and collective card readings.

Tasmanian Psychic Expos

Launceston Psychic Expo: *10th to 12th January
Best Western Hotel, Earl St. Launceston
Devonport Psychic Expo: 17th to 19th January
Gateway Hotel, Devonport
Victoria will be a reader at all expos, but will be 
unavailable on the 10th January.

A Word from the Creator

If you have lost direction in your life,

the first place you must look is within.

 Card of the Month

This month’s card is from
Energy Oracle Cards
by Sandra Ann Taylor

Movement, Relocation, Travel
“Pack your bags! The Journey card foretells upcoming travel or a shift in location.
All of life is a journey, and this card is telling you
that you have some exciting and inspiring adventures ahead.”

Inside Theta Healing

Setting the Best Intentions

Happy New Year to you all! I sincerely hope that your festive season has been merry and full of the people you love!
As we move (yet again! It goes faster every year!) into the new year and decade, many people are making, or trying to make, New Year Resolutions to affect positive change in their lives. This is admirable, but for many, could be a waste of time because the belief systems underlying the behaviour they wish to change are still in place.
My regular readers will be able to chant off by heart my mantras: “What you believe you create; Change your thoughts, change your reality.” The tricky part is that a lot of us are blissfully unaware of the deep beliefs we have about ourselves that are causing us to behave in a self-sabotaging manner!
Resolutions are intentions of change, but change is difficult when we are stuck in thought patterns and belief systems that resist that change. If we can uncover what they are, well and good, but they can be insidious and extremely difficult to pinpoint!
While I was on a train just after Christmas, two men were talking (very loudly! No eavesdropping here!) and one was saying how he could go a month without touching a cigarette when he is at home, but as soon as he gets in his truck he starts smoking. When his friend asked him why, he replied that he had no idea! Without impeding on his free will and tuning in, I am not sure either, but I would hazard a guess that the truck is a trigger for past memories that have impacted on his beliefs about himself. If he could just take the time to reflect on how he feels when he gets in the truck and of what kind of emotional void the smoking is fulfilling, he may be able to kick it altogether. Until he does that, trying to quit for good will be a lot harder.
So, if you do have something you wish to change, the first thing to do is to reflect on the reasons you like the behaviour, such as smoking, that you wish to eliminate or change. What desires does it feed, how does it make you feel in respect to how you feel beforehand etc. Then go deeper. If it makes you feel calmer, for instance, what are the reasons for the anxiety? If alcohol makes you numb, what are you trying to forget? If you need to drop weight but eat for comfort, what is food replacing or covering up, such as lack of confidence or self love? This kind of reflection can be confronting but also liberating.
Once you start becoming aware of the emotions, feelings and needs that are driving the behaviour, you will be in a much better position to make the changes necessary to improve your health or life. Knowledge is very empowering!
The next step is to take notice of your thoughts and the things you say to yourself. It is said that it takes 2 weeks for the sub-conscious mind to take up a new belief system, so writing down some positive affirmations and saying them often is a great way to “talk yourself into” the new you! Even though, “I will quit smoking” or ‘this year I will drop 10 kgs” is positive, affirmations to address the issues behind the behaviour may be more effective, such as, “I love and accept my body”, “I am worthy of being healthy” or “My world is filled with wonder and joy.”
Blessings, Victoria Cochrane

    Spiritual Snippets

9 Facts About Telepathic Communication cont.

5. Health
Good health and well-being is beneficial to effective communication. Everything is weaker when you are sick, including the ability to project thoughts and feelings.
6. Knowing it Works
As you send your thoughts, you should intuitively get a feeling that your message has been sent. When this happens, stop projecting your thoughts. If you receive telepathic communications from another person, you may feel that you are imagining things. This is normal, but do not disregard the thoughts, listen to them and remember them.
7. How Are Communications Received?
Communications can be received by way of feelings, emotions, thoughts, images and desires. Some people can communicate telepathically when dreaming.
Clairvoyance is the term given to a message received in a visual form. Hearing an inner voice is referred to as clairaudience. A feeling is termed as clairsentience, and paracognition refers to an instant knowing of something.
8. Benefits of Telepathy
When you connect with other beings, you are able to relate to them at a higher level; a greater understanding is created. This can have profound impacts on all your relationships.
In the case of animals, you can understand the needs and wants of your beloved pet, who cannot communicate with you verbally as a person would. Additionally, animals can often sense danger before it becomes immediately apparent. By tuning into the feelings of animals this can help to protect you against potential harmful situations.
The art of telepathy provides a more efficient means of communicating. It is environmentally friendly, free, location of either party is not important and it is instantaneous. Imagine wanting to get in touch with someone in a remote location. No longer must you rely on sketchy internet connections or feeble mobile phone signals to do so.
9. Preventing Telepathic Communications
It is possible to block others from being able to send and receive telepathic communications to and from you. Imagine locking the door to your mind to that person. This requires a lot of work on your part, as it is likely that you have become so tuned in with another person that sharing your thoughts is almost an automatic process.


The Diamond in the Porridge

Sure that the diamond appearing in my porridge was significant, but totally unsure what it meant, I posted it up on Facebook and asked people to tell me what they saw. Many saw, sharks, whales, dolphins and even a witch, but it wasn’t until a client sent me the photo of the diamond sun, taken in Dakota a few days before, that I realised just how significant a sign it was. I asked Archangel Michael what it meant. Victoria
“The diamond, or rhombus, signifies perfect balance, symmetry and harmony. In spiritual terms, the message is, ‘as above, so below. The diamond sun, surrounded by a perfect circle, signifies that mankind is finally embracing its divine blueprint and becoming one with the source of creation, the circle representing oneness with the all. It is a sign that the Age of Aquarius has truly arrived. What does this mean for humanity and, indeed, for the individual? 

No longer can man live under the illusion of separation and hide behind ego as a means of the domination of one sex, race, creed, colour or tradition over another. The domination of the male ego may still be apparent on Earth in many cultures, but the days of blind acceptance is not. As more an more truths are revealed on the Earthly plane, the consequences for actions against humanity increase and the call to return to balance of all things strengthens.
The veil has well and truly lifted on the illusions of life on Earth. The goddess rises to meet the god and, in doing so, creates a unity like no other ever experienced since the fall of Atlantis. Now is the time to embrace your divinity, to reach within and accept who you are, not in human form, but as an infinite part of the Source of Creation, a co-creator and a powerful being of light.
If you receive this symbol, you are a wayshower whose assignment has been clear for some time - to advance your universal knowledge and understanding so you may lead others to a higher consciousness. There is never any mandate to do this, but your soul will be calling you. We, the Masters of Light, are ever here to assist you.
And so it is.
I AM Archangel Michael.” VC
(Photo: Diamond Sun - captured on December 14, 2019 over North Dakota by Sally Ann)

Truths Behind Climate Change

The warming of the Earth has been a gradual process, beginning when the first emissions hit the atmosphere in the late 1700s. The pollution of the atmosphere is nothing new, but the calibre of the chemicals, toxins and poisons within them over the decades have caused an escalation of their destructive effect on the ozone layer and on the weather cycle.
The claim that climate change is not the only cause of global warming has merit, because the law of physics dictates it. The sun itself is increasing in temperature as it continues along its path towards burning out; the population on Earth has increased dramatically over the past century; and the Earth’s orbit has shifted ever so slightly, having a dramatic effect on the stability of the polar caps. In addition, the huge crystals underneath the earth have splintered and cracked, changing their frequencies and causing other large shifts deep underground. The cycles of evolution would continue with or without Man, but as humanity evolves, so it is that the impact of his technological advancement increases. Overall, the sum contribution of humanity on climate change is not far below 100%.  With every single percent of human impact on the Earth’s climate, the ramifications inexplicably and devastatingly increase. However, let the debate about the cause of climate change cease! This is only wasted energy. What is urgently needed now is practical, positive action towards stopping and reversing the effects of climate change on the planet.
Australia is one example of a country who is experiencing the devastating effects of the warming of planet Earth. Droughts, floods, unseasonable temperatures, and the worst bushfires ever experienced are just some of the events that are alerting people to the fact that something is terribly wrong. The loss of life and property has been unprecedented and has prompted an outpouring of grief and charitable response across the globe. Scientists have been raising the alarm for some time, but it is only now, on the brink of irreversible damage, that humanity is realising how much time has been wasted ignoring the warning signs.
As the polar caps melt and the seas rise, the incidents of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather conditions increase,  human and animal lives and habitats alike are seriously at risk. The ways of life of the past cannot continue if humans wish to continue existing on Earth. Whilst the balance of energy remains on the edge of chaos, only chaos will reign!
There is much you can do individually to help the Earth’s plight. Yes, of course, reduce, reuse and recycle, reduce emissions and lobby those in power to listen, but you can assist much more powerfully through your spiritual connection to the All. Sending love and healing energy to Mother Earth herself has never been more important, as her imbalances are sending every system existing upon her into a state of chaos. Praying for rain to quench the bushfires is not enough! Mother Earth needs healing.  Please meditate for her (below).

Monthly Meditations

Sending Healing to Mother Earth 

Close your eyes. Take a few breaths to centre yourself and to feel yourself connected to the earth. Imagine a beautiful white light with golden flecks descending around and through you, cleansing, grounding and protecting you. This is Divine energy and will protect you throughout this meditation.
Divine energy is unconditional love. To be in this energy gives a feeling of being totally loved; you feel peaceful, calm and in a state of bliss. If you need healing, hold the intention that the light heals and protects you and see, feel or imagine it happening. Stay in this energy until you are ready to share this love with the world.
 In your mind, hold the intention that love and healing be sent to Mother Earth to rebalance her energies and to realign her to the natural world. Now, in your mind’s eye, see the world in front of you surrounded by a ring of energy, which represents the Universal Collective Consciousness. Gathering the light and love of the Creator’s energy, which is surrounding you, project it towards the Earth and watch as it fills the globe and the collective energy, all the while holding the intention that Mother Earth be rebalanced and realigned in her energies. Imagine wrapping your arms around her and giving her a warm, loving embrace. Tell her how much you love and appreciate her while still projecting Divine love to her. Feel, see or imagine as her energy becomes lighter.
Now focus on the Universal Collective Consciousness, projecting light and unconditional love into it. See, feel or imagine the light sweeping through the collective energy, healing hatred, anger and negativity and changing it to love, patience, understanding and tolerance. Hold the intention that the violet light of forgiveness permeate the darkest parts of the consciousness and hold the energy until it looks or feels lighter.
Now focus on healing areas of the world affected by natural disasters. Hold innocent people and animals in your mind as you send light and unconditional love to help them heal. You can also ask that all souls lost in the disasters be offered soul release and guidance as they move forward in their soul journey. Then do the same for the countries, cities, rural areas and communities that have been affected, sending healing to the trees, plants, waterways, mountains… be as global or as specific as you wish.
Now give love to yourself. Hold yourself in the warm embrace of the Divine. Say, “I am loved, I give love, I receive love, I am love Divine.” See the light as it turns deep golden and feel your heart expand.
When you are ready, bring your awareness back to the room. Allow the light to recede and feel yourself completely present in your body. Break your energy from the world by brushing your hand through your chakras and then zipping up your aura.
Remember, love is the only energy that is real.
I AM Archangel Metatron

Poetic Musings

It's Time to Listen 
Australians are the lucky ones,
That’s the common cry.
But this past year has been so hard
As we’ve watched our country die.

Whilst somewhere it is raining,
Which then becomes a flood,
Another state is burning
And shedding wildlife’s blood.

Where somewhere it is stinking hot
And the grass has turned to dust,
In other states the grass is lush
And a raincoat is a must.

There’s no doubt that climate change
Is having an effect.
No longer can we doubt it
Or only just suspect.

The signs are all around us,
The warnings are quite clear.
If before we were not listening,
We now must stop to hear

The Earth as she howls with anger,
With sadness and despair,
As Man keeps wasting resources
And polluting up the air.

So now it’s time to listen;
Our future’s in our hands.
We cannot help the planet
If our heads are in the sand.

Our thoughts go out to all who’ve lost those they loved and more.
But this is a call for action,
With calamity in store.

Let’s intend to change our ways,
Time’s not on our side.
Make a stand and don’t back down,
Perhaps we can turn the tide.

The Last Word
Can Spirituality and Religion Help Halt Climate Change?

“In times of global turmoil, it can seem odd to emphasize the importance of spiritual institutions in our drive to halt climate change. However, faith-based delegations flocked to this year’s UN Climate Change Conference, COP24, in Katowice, Poland, from all corners of our planet. Indigenous leaders, scientists and UN officials rang the bell for attention to the foundational role spirituality plays in halting the growing existential catastrophe of climate change.
In the words of Dr. Debra Roberts, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) co-chair of Working Group II during an event dedicated to solidarity, “Faith communities play a powerful role even science is acknowledging.”
This is not simply due to the capacity of religious institutions to shake up the 6 billion of those who identify with a faith worldwide into action. Our Anthropocene era of humans “playing God” is marked by an emphasis on materialism, mounting egocentrism and the loss of the sacredness when it comes to life forms. As a result, many are searching for foundational moral critiques of these societal norms that have become part of the catalysts driving environmental disaster. “When you stop and think about it, religion should be helping,” emphasized His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa, the Buddhist spiritual leader, at the COP24 Action Hub.
Philosophical Path to Environmentalism
Although very diverse from one another in their philosophical pathways, including the various indigenous beliefs, spiritual institutions envelop environmental issues in a two-tiered structure. First, they ingrain a heightened existential awareness, a connection to the world, a sacred importance of created life forms and emphasis on the reproductive continuity of humanity, where climate change and environmental destruction is an all-encompassing threat. Then, with provided moral practices and behaviors to maintain such existence and life forms, these ecologically conscious actions are grounded as sacred and foundational duties of individuals and community for the continuing family and society — our future generations.
From the perspective of the diverse spiritual bodies backing climate warnings and targets, this is an existential and moral question of our current social behavior requiring holistic change. With this approach in mind, religious leaders and adherents filled seats at the COP24 conferences aware of the crisis humans have wreaked upon creation. To change the status quo, they emphasize embedding scientific, indigenous and local climate mitigations and adaptation strategies into each respective region’s moral practices as has been spiritually done for millennia.
Following localized community planning to meet climate targets and human well-being, they highlighted, alongside events at the Global Ecovillage Network, spirituality’s role in underlining and providing structures for bringing communities together, emphasizing the common good — a mentality direly called for by climate experts.
Why is this mentality important? Because it is what shapes the way humans view the world and gear into action. This is what climate experts have been speaking about, where there is almost a nihilistic lack of strong collective conviction with holistic solutions and urgent push toward preserving life and our own continual existence, despite the tumbling pages of scientific data and warnings. There is a moral unaccountability of a rigid socioeconomic structure pushing the perpetual drive for material accumulation and unleashing humanity’s desires onto the planet.”
Temo Dias • Mar 13, 2019

The Spiritual Wisdom Hour

Victoria is live every Wednesday!

Join Victoria every Wednesday at 12 noon on Spiritual Events Directory Facebook Page for insights on spiritual and psychic development. She will talk to participants about topics such as awakening consciousness, chakras and auras, connecting to guides and using spiritual tools. She will facilitate meditation and draw cards for the collective based on the topic or questions that arise through interactive discussion.



“Hey Tor
I just wanted to send a message to let you know how wonderful I think you are. Since the work you did with me (was that really close to 2 years ago?) I've made a lot of progress, both emotionally and spiritually, and I just wanted to thank you. I wouldn't have given myself permission to hold off on my holiday until I was ready or pushed myself to do it when doubt started to creep in, and it was your work with me that go the ball rolling.
Fee “

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·   Spiritual healing: Victoria will witness powerful Divine  healings to lift past trauma and negative belief systems to help you to move into the future
·  Channelled messages from your 
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