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Reaching Out Spiritual News October 2021

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My name is Victoria Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel living on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA)  and  had the honour of being awarded  Tasmanian Psychic Expos' 2019 Psychic of the Year!
I give psychic aura and tarot readings, soul and past-life healings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator-of-All-That-Is non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. I am based in Wynyard but can give sessions over the phone, via video call or even remotely.
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 A Word from the Creator

You have all that you need to know within the portal of your

 heart. To hear it you must make time every day to be still and


Card of the Month

This month’s card is from

Work Your Light Oracle Cards

Rebecca Campbell


“You’ve been training for this for lifetimes.

You came in with a clear soul plan.

This is not the lifetime to stay hidden, but to step forth, be seen and to rise.”

Spiritual Reflections

Money- Just Another Form of Energy


We think of energy as electricity, the generation of heat or the product of fuel, but, in fact, everything that is made of matter can be thought of as energy. Money is a form of energy, as is food, crystals, plants and even inanimate objects. Everything on Earth vibrates and generates its own energy, although it may appear to be solid and stationary.
All forms of energy have a particular vibrational frequency, including humans. Our vibrations will be higher or lower depending on our state of health and mind, the food we eat, the people we interact with and the kinds of lives we lead. Different forms of energy that we use as exchange also have different levels of vibrations which can serve to raise or lower the frequency of energy that we emit to others. Natural and organic foods and medicines will raise our vibrations whereas synthetic medicines and foods grown with pesticides will lower them. Sunshine can raise our vibrations, rain and clouds can lower it. Anything we use as an exchange of energy to live and survive will affect how we feel, what we think, say and do every day.

Changes in the frequency of the energy we use will affect how happy or sad, positive or negative we feel. For instance, drinking dirty water or meat that is slightly off will certainly affect our physical health, just as much as walking on a cold, rainy day rather than a warm, sunny one might affect our mood. Money, in particular, is a very dense energy-form which can weigh us down like a tonne of concrete, especially if we attach importance and status to it or we don’t have enough to pay our way. It has the potential to keep us grounded in the physical world, blocking our minds to the opportunities and possibilities that the Universe offers us.

If we could always think of money as just another form of energy rather than as physical objects of value we might begin to be able to see how they affect us and be more careful in the choices we make before entering into any form of monetary agreement or exchange. Although we cannot avoid the use of money as legal exchange, if we cannot make a fair exchange, either when selling or purchasing, we can expect their will be repercussions that have lingering affects financially, legally and emotionally.

Attachment to money, status or material objects keeps us in the Third Dimension and blocks our ability to access the abundance of the Universe and to manifest what we need. If we worry about money and the fact we never have any, we will adversely block our attraction to it. If, however, we give thanks and blessings for the abundance we already have, no matter how small, visualise the abundance we need and give thanks for it coming into our life, we are telling the Universe we are open to its gifts, what we want and need and thus are much more likely to attract it.  After asking it is essential to let it go, because you will be back in the cycle of attachment if you don't! f course, it is not a case of Abracadabra, but it is a positive and powerful way to get the Universe working in your favour and to feel more empowered as a co-creator.

If you need money and it doesn't eventuate, even though you have asked the Universe every day, you must look for the reason for why it has not happened and the lesson that is attached to it. If it hasn't come, this is either not the right time or it is not the right situation for you, or you might not be asking in the right way. We need to be specific!. There is a blessing in every lesson, no matter how devastating it is at the time. Remaining positive and seeing it all as a lesson is the hardest, but highest, vibration you can maintain to ensure that what you need or want will still come to you at the right time, even if it is not what you had envisaged.

Victoria Cochrane


   From the Web

Ascension Energies Update 

November’s Ascension Theme: Crossing The Threshold
Keywords:  Adventure, Overcoming, Different Rhythm

“Whether we arrive at these between-places by design, by accident, or by the choices that others have made for us, the threshold can be a place of wonders. It can also be chaotic, discombobulating, and even terrifying. Yet a threshold, chosen or otherwise, is a place of wild possibility. ” ~Jan Richardson

Awakened Soul,
In November we take our spiritually heightened awareness and instinctive drive that emerged in October to cross over the threshold to the next phase of our Ascension journey. Crossing the Threshold is a point in the Hero’s journey when one needs to rise to a calling or new level of service, undergoing a series of challenges as one pursues a goal, and in the process experiences extraordinary life transformations. This means leaving the comfort that we know, throwing off any illusion about our world, ourselves, and others. It also entails healing trauma and acknowledging our deepest fears as we move forward.

A reminder that 2021 is the start of a 10 year period of great scientific and technological innovations, reshaping of economies and societal power structures, new experiences, great adventure, and upheaval. The changes and events that occur in the next 10 years will shape humanity’s co-creative future to establish the 2032 New Golden Age of peace and prosperity.

2021 has been the year for us to start REBUILDING and begin the process of creating a life that is more balanced and sustaining on all levels. Events in our world over the last two years and cosmic energies have allowed us to unravel anything in our life that doesn't support this and therefore start to attract what we need for the next stage of our lives and our personal growth.

Crossing a Threshold can be a very exciting stage in the Hero’s journey – it requires taking the inspiration, intuition, sovereignty and clarity developed thus far, and courageously launching into the unknown in the direction of our dreams, hopes and visions.

As our Divine Blueprint unfolds we tap into our newly found sense of True Self, and our growing innate wisdom will steer us to a new destiny. 

In loving service, 


Sourced on 1/11/21 from


The Power of Intention and Belief

In the energy of love, one is a warrior of the light. There is no fear, only the strong belief in self and in the universe/source of creation that provides on demand and when needed. The worries of the physical world are present but not all consuming, because the person living in connection with the All has tools to assist them to stay above the shadows that lurk in every corner. They become wayshowers and leaders, teachers and guides to assist others to learn how to protect themselves from attack and to project love out to the world.

God, our Creator, is the greatest protector of all. He/She is a magician who can turn the darkest night into the brightest day, poison into water and hatred into love. He/She loves with a purity that transforms fear into certainty and weakness into strength. The warrior of light has only to intend to be connected to Source and it will be manifest. As this energy has no conditions or attachments to it, the protection it affords will be impenetrable. Again, the belief behind the intention must be just as strong. There is no mandate for religion or any other boundary required to be connected to the light and love of Source, only belief in yourself that you are worthy of being loved. 

When you intend that you are protected, you project an energetic force shield around yourself that is like a bubble. Your energy field, or Aura, will be strong and vibrant, shielding you from absorbing the lower vibrations of ego, anger, jealousy and gossip. It is invisible to the naked eye but as strong as the belief behind your intention. Those whose hearts are shut off to the light will always try to bring darkness to others, but it is only the ones who live in fear who are truly unprotected. Whatever you believe, you create, so the stronger the conviction behind the belief, the greater the warrior you will be.

Once your force shield is in place, you must ensure its continued strength and impenetrability. The more you look after your body, mind and spirit the stronger it will be. The strength of your protection will be affected by doubt, insecurities, worry, fear and toxic emotions such as hatred and anger. It will also be weakened by a poor diet, substance abuse, lack of sleep and stress. Daily practices such as meditation, mantras, affirmations and the expression of gratitude for your life will help to clear and maintain your auric field and your connection to the protection of Source.

Fear divides and love unites. Love is all there is! There is nothing that cannot be overcome when one is working from the heart with loving intention without hidden agendas. Do not allow yourself to lose sight of who you are in spirit or of your connection to the powers of the universe that are your tools to overcome the hardships, injustices or dilemmas you are facing.  All else is illusion and will only become reality if you believe it to be so. So, create with intention and belief that you and your loved ones are protected and it will be so.

I AM Artemis the Guardian.  VC


Ascension Forecast for November

All is going as it should in terms of Ascension as the veil grows ever thinner and the skeletons in corporate, governmental and well-known individual’s closet are revealed. The public has grown tired of the rhetoric, propaganda and lies and are now fully versed in ignoring the speeches that no longer ring true. The virus will be active and continue to force restrictions in some societies for another year before safer solutions are found for its control and eventual elimination.

By the end of October 2021, most countries will have opened up again to freedom for the vaccinated, despite there continuing to be an alarming number of cases and deaths due to the Delta strain of Covid 19. Mandatory vaccination for travel and socialisation will conflict strongly with the anti-vaccination movements and, by mid - November, there will be more riots, protests and outright denial of governmental proclaim, particularly in Australia but also in the United States. The failings of early models of the Covid-19 vaccinations will become apparent, with people who received two doses either needing a third dose or becoming seriously ill. As the vaccination against Covid 19 becomes more researched and refined, in the next 12 months it’s efficiency will increase.

By mid-December, with Christmas travel in full swing, those who choose not to be vaccinated will find themselves unwelcome in other states or countries. The right to choose will becomes an issue that gains a universal voice in the next 6 months, but some of the messages will get lost in propaganda and hidden agendas. Confusion around conflicting information will muddle the mind and cause the person to make decisions based on fear. In the case of the vaccination, there are many facts that cannot be proven, but there are just as many that are based on research and investigation. It is a web that will continue to grow ever more complex and cause much conflict in the months to come.

The weather will continue to reflect the tumultuous vibrations of humanity and increasing effects of climate change, with unseasonal snow and hail or extreme heat felt in many parts of the world. Rising seas will be of particular concern in the southern hemisphere, causing major problems for the recovering tourism industry and for small Pacific Island communities. As the polar caps continue to melt, some animal species will be forced to migrate, causing an imbalance in the eco system. In some places, this has already happened.

With climate change being a contentious issue in Australia, Scott Morrison will be increasingly under pressure to conform to world standards on reduced carbon emissions, but he will stand firm on his outdated beliefs and policies. A Federal election will be announced for February 2022 with a very tight campaign time, so his grandstanding and pork-barrelling ways will become increasingly questioned and suspicious to the media and the public alike. Australia’s relations with France and China will fall to an all time low in November, with sanctions from both countries hitting the export market hard in the new year.

The Earth continues to grow stronger in the Golden Age of Aquarius and the energies around those who are awakening cannot be ignored. It is essential for every person in difficult situations or who are affected by the events of the world work hard to have faith, clear their energies of the dense vibrations of third dimensional Earth and commit to daily meditative practices. The light that comes from the heartspace of a person with a higher consciousness is transformational to the realities created by that person and the ripple effect felt by others around them cannot be discounted.

We are always with you. Ask us to help you in your personal spiritual journey.

WE ARE The Masters of the Cosmic Council. VC

 The Last Word

Living Life in a State of Grace

What is grace and how can it be defined.? The adjective ‘graceful’ describes a person or movement which brings to mind a feeling of serenity, peace and harmlessness. A person who is graceful moves harmoniously in their environment without causing disturbance or harm. They are often admired by others and attract attention just by their presence.

To live with grace, and within the Law of Grace, is to move from day to day with respect and sovereignty, treating every day as a gift and one’s body as a temple. It means that one is devoted to, and can find time for things, people and practices that will enrich, enhance and give meaning to their lives. These people do this without being drawn down into drama, ego and petty concerns that lower one’s vibrations.

When one lives in a state of grace, one can view every person as an individual, honouring their journey and allowing them to be who they are without judgement or condemnation. It is not necessary to like all people, but those living with grace find it easier treat all people with respect and an impartiality that will allow one to stay centred in love and to be treated the same way in return.

I am Lady Grace, the Archeia of Archangel Uriel, and I am here to assist you to bring more grace into your lives and into your heart. To be able to do this, you must at first learn to forgive the past, yourself and all of those who may have hurt, betrayed or injured you in some way. This can be a difficult task but, when undertaken and achieved will reap many rewards.

The second thing you must do is to look within your inner sanctum and find peace - with yourself and who you truly are. Strip away any pretence and see yourself as a Being of Light on a journey of self-discovery and learning that, while it may have been littered with mistakes and painful transgressions, has led to this moment of hope for the future and realisation of empowerment to change, transmute or release anything that no longer serves you in this lifetime.

The third thing you must learn to do is to learn to trust yourself and your path, to be grateful for what you have and to see the world as the temple in which you have been given the honour of inhabiting.

You may be the clumsiest person you know but still be living in a state of grace! All it takes is awareness of self, connection to the All and an open heart.

I AM Lady Grace  VC


Victoria is amazing! Very insightful and a beautiful human! Gina


Victoria is incredibly gifted, and leads with love, always. She has been a key player in my growth, development and healing and I would recommend her 11/10. Hannah


Victoria Cochrane's Books

I wanted to let you all know that if you haven’t yet read Victoria’s ‘The Book of Life – Lessons from Mother Earth’ then I would really encourage you to do so. Amazing, inspiring and beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it. I have read this book several times now, and it still brings tears to my eyes each time. You can feel the love from spirit and Mother Earth through Victoria’s channelled words, as it connects deeply with a place in your heart. I found that reading the messages in this book is a healing exercise in itself!

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you will love this book. It’s one of those books you can read over and over again and get something more from it each time. Many of the beautiful meditations at the end of each chapter, which can be accessed for free online, can be utilised over and over whenever you have a particular need.

Thank you, Victoria for bringing this wonderful book to the world! Your love and dedication to helping others is inspiring. Much love and blessings, Christine

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Victoria has contributed to the Spiritual Discovery Journal (2020, Synk Media). Learn different ways of journalling from 12 practitioners who are all experts in their field.

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