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Reaching Out Spiritual News September 2020

Welcome to my monthly  newsletter!
My name is Victoria  Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel and live on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA)  and  had the honour of being awarded  Tasmanian Psychic Expos' 2019 Psychic of the Year!
I give psychic aura and tarot readings, soul and past-life healings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator-of-All-That-Is non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. I am based in Wynyard but can give sessions over the phone, via video call or even remotely.
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Blessings, Victoria

What's Coming Up?

Release Date is November 10th, 2020!

Pre-Orders Are Being Taken Now! 

The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth

If the world is a stage for humans to learn lessons each incarnation towards soul development, enlightenment and mastery, what can the planet Earth teach us?

While our life experiences may shape us and influence the direction our lives take, how many of us take notice of how the natural world can be used as a guide to adapting to the changes that impact our lives on a daily basis?

Completely channelled by Victoria Cochrane from the Masters of the Cosmic Council through the Creator of All That Is, The Book of Life is divided into three parts.

Every chapter is accompanied by a meditation directly relating to the chapter which can be used by the reader to attain and retain balance in their lives. Each meditation has been beautifully recorded by Victoria and are accompanied by the soothing and relaxing music of Christopher Lloyd Clarke from Enlightened Audio. They are fully accessible upon purchase of the book.

The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth will both challenge your thinking and enlighten your mind. It is a gift from the Source of Creation to help you to take back your power, alter your perspective and to raise your vibrations to a heightened state of consciousness.

This is an important book for humanity and one you will come back to again and again.

To pre-order go to

Join Victoria Cochrane of the ONLINE launch for her new book, The Book of Life

The book release date is the 10th of November which is also Victoria's 60th BIRTHDAY so to CELEBRATE both, Victoria will be gifting books, readings and much more.

VIP tickets $97 ONLY 20 spots available.

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You will receive a 1 hr private ONLINE event via zoom at 6pm where Victoria will do live connections PLUS a signed copy of The Book of Life PLUS a copy of The Spiritual Discovery Journal that Victoria is a contributor of.

 You will also receive an exclusive USB drive containing all recorded meditations from the book!

General admission at 7pm is FREE. The launch will be live on the launch’s event page


Spiritual Discovery Journal

Buy the Journal and Join the Summit!

Join us for the Journal Discovery Summit - created to support you on your JOURNALING JOURNEY.

When you pre-order the Spiritual Discovery Journal - you'll receive a FREE ticket to this event.

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Each contributor of the journal, will be presenting their journaling methodology at the summit, to give you more information on how to best use the journal.


We have great news!!! The summit will be recorded and sent to everyone who purchases the Journal before the Summit. You can watch and re-watch as you move through the months.

Journal launch date is 23 October 2020.

 What's in the journal?

12 Expert Contributors 

🌟 Wake up to the wisdom of your Soul with Archangel prescriptions
🌟 Numerology practices for self-discovery & soul purpose
🌟 Enhancing fitness through mindful journaling and planning
🌟 Mindfulness practices that nurture heart coherence
🌟 Mediumship - connecting to loved ones in spirit
🌟 Healing practices for a life enriched and free
🌟 Activate Your Senses For Inspired Journaling
🌟 Framing your vision, mission and goals to focus on your life purpose
🌟 Ancestral Healing to break family karmic patterns
🌟 Master Manifesting become a Magical manifesting magnet
🌟 Reading using the Moon to map your journey

🌟 Channel your guides' messages through meditative practices:   


Victoria Cochrane 

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Angelic Whisperings

Call on me to use my sword of truth to

cut the cords binding you to the past, limiting beliefs,

 illusions and disempowerment. 

AA Michael

 Card of the Month

This month’s card is from

The Magic of Nature Spirit Cards

by Belinda Paton


Clear your mind. Stop thinking for a

moment and listen to the silence within.

Only then can you hear your inner truth.


Inside the Healing Room

It's Time to Step UP, Humanity!

I have been doing some reading about Ascension lately and how everyone is awakening how the 5 galactic chakras are being activated and the cosmic healing rays are now being brought in. Archangel Michael, through Ronna Vezane *, talks how we are now releasing all discordant energies to reclaim our Divine Blueprint. The thing is, these texts were written well over 10 years ago(one is 17 years old) and it is as if they were written yesterday. My first two books talk about the changing energies of Ascension, yet we are still clawing our way up out of the treacle-like density of the third dimension. You’d be forgiven if you have given up altogether or are wondering if we will ever get there!

Humanity has taken a long time to embrace their own spirituality and to accept that religion, separation and the physical realities are only shadows of what is available to them, should they look through the veil and see through all the lies and deception that keeps being thrown at us by those who profit from others’ misfortune, The ploys of those who choose to remain in the darkness are seemingly working, but there are signs everywhere, as there have been for the last 20 years, that Humanity is awakening on a mass scale and the darkness is losing its grip. As it does, though, it is stopping at nothing to keep the world in fear. We are in the grip of their many dirty tactics right now.

As much as we could lay the blame on many, the only positive thing we can do is to take responsibility for ourselves. Our thoughts, words, actions, reactions, feelings and decisions belong to us alone, regardless of what other people may have done or said. Taking responsibility for ourselves is akin to taking control of our own destiny, in my book, because as soon as we make the choice to perceive our lives, other people and the world in a certain way, we create the reality in which we exist. We hold the power to choose empowerment and positive change or disempowerment and victimisation.

As a healer I am now seeing new modalities being born right before my third eye! I am also clearing and healing some very dark, sinister and sometimes very weird energies and entities from dimensions that are better left closed. As the energies ramp up to an insane level, all I can say is it is time to step up and embrace your spirituality, because that is the only way we ever achieve Peace on Earth.   Victoria Cochrane


    Spiritual Snippets

The Higher Cosmic Rays

We are now, being slowly but surely awakened to the TRUTH OF WHO AND WHAT WE ARE.  As the Higher Frequency Rays are now being added and with is our 12 strand DNA, we are going to shedding more and more of the OLD WAYS, ACTING, THINKING, and BEING… as these simply do not serve our HIGHER PURPOSE ANYMORE.


What used to fascinate you, what used to drive you, what used to make your adrenalin soar is slowly fading away, and you are being transformed into someone other… yet, in a sense more AUTHENTIC and TRUE to your HIGHER SELF!

With this the people, places, spouses, lovers, friends, etc. who used to fascinate you and with whom you used to love being, suddenly lose its enchantment, and you have this inner honing system, which seems to direct you onto feelings, emotions and a way of looking at the world and its all it has to offer in a different sense.  Suddenly, what used to fascinate you, start irritating you.  What you used to enjoy, suddenly seems mediocre and not fun anymore. 

The INNER YOU IS SEEKING ITS PATH TO THE ULTIMATE FULFILLMENT – THE ULTIMATE STATE BEING, which no outer things are going to satisfy anymore.

Look deeply and delve more and more to the core of what your heart sees, and you will notice that in the last three years YOU HAVE MADE A DRAMATIC SHIFT!  You have changed and with it a lot of those inner and outer values have changed….

I challenge you to go and write down your value systems and beliefs today, and then compare them with three to seven years ago, and I bet you THEY HAVE CHANGED!

I was taken in meditation into the Temples of INNER WISDOM, of the Divine Source, and I was shown how the Higher Rays, are affecting our minds, heart and ALL our bodies.  For you do not only have a PHYSICAL body, you have a SPIRITUAL, MENTAL AND SOUL BODY, as well as an ETHEREAL one, and all of these are being fine-tuned so that our bodies can receive and assimilate them.

Think of a spiralling energy of white-gold-light with a tinge of Platinum, Topaz blue, Yellow, Deep Emerald Green, and Cerise Pink, and you now have an idea of what the Higher Rays look like and what you are now assimilating in the way of the Higher Frequency Rays.

These are the SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM AND GEM RAYS, which we are now assimilating.

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Healing the Cosmic DNA Helix

The life force of the Earth are the four elements, air, water, earth and fire. The beings inhabiting Mother Earth all have their own DNA structure that determines their bodily structure within each species. The genetic structure of each individual within each species, however, can sometimes mutate, causing changes in the bodily structure according to its particular environment. This is called evolution and is a natural part of the evolvement of the planet over eons of time. When the genetic structure within the body malfunctions, however, it can cause disease and illness that is passed down through the generations, potentially jeopardising the life span of that individual and genus, or family within the species.

Universal, or Cosmic DNA, determines that life will always prevail across the Universe, beginning and ending at different times in the history of each planet according to the environmental conditions. Only when a species is extinct will the DNA within the Universal structure change and, at the moment one form of life is ended, another species will be born. This is how evolution works and is a major factor in determining how long one species can live, depending on the right conditions, weather patterns, food sources and so on. On some planets in the Universe, Earth included,, changing conditions are happening so rapidly that the evolutionary patterns in the Cosmic DNA are speeding up. What does this mean for life on Earth in the future

The Earth is changing rapidly in climate and its weather patterns is affecting animals, plants and insects that depend on extreme weather conditions for their survival. Land masses are being swamped by rising seas and some less hardy plants and animals are not faring well because they have not been given time to adapt. Survival of the fittest, largest, hungriest and most aggressive has generally given certain species free reign over others, ensuring they live longest, but if their food supply runs out because of unsustainable hunting, rapid climatic changes or natural disasters of immense proportion, it is not just that species that will be affected. Smaller animals and plants that can adapt to changing conditions are in a better condition, ecologically, and are more likely to still be around when the environmental conditions have deteriorated or irreversibly changed their usual habitat/living conditions.

The speed up of evolution on a physical level, in all lifeforms including humans, means that the denseness of the Third Dimension will become thicker as life on Earth becomes more difficult to manage. As climate change affects the cycles within the seasons, what might take 200 years to change within the biomes of the world will potentially take less than 20. The ramification of future evolution is disastrous, as most species will not have time to adapt in time and human living conditions, food sources and financial situations will be a constant battle. In short, the future of life on Earth is grim unless drastic changes are made now.

WE, the Great Cosmic Council of Light, do not wish to lecture you, our brothers and sisters at this time! We wish, on the other hand, to extend an invitation to you to invite us into your meditations, your prayers and your vigils to accelerate healing to the Earth. Even though it is against spiritual law to intervene in another person’s free will, Mother Earth and her plants, animals, insects and elementals are greatly in need of help. The more humans, who are all one with the unconditional love of the Supreme Source and connected to the Cosmic Helix of Creation, hold Mother Earth and all upon her in loving and healing intention, the quieter and more balanced she will become.

It is not necessary for you to be psychic or even spiritually centred to make a difference to the healing of Mother Earth and to slow the evolutionary process down. All that is required is that you love and accept yourself, give gratitude for your gifts and to see everything and everyone on Earth as sacred. Life is a gift, my friends and all who reside upon Earth have been gifted with the ability to create and manifest their reality according to their own free will. their thoughts and intentions. Some will accept and some will deny, but as a spark of the Supreme Source, there couldn’t be a better or more meaningful time than now to claim your Divine blueprint and step into your power as a co-creator and master of your own destiny. You can heal the planet with love, because love is all there is.

WE ARE the Masters of the Cosmic Council

The Journey Back to Happiness

When is the right time to admit that you are not happy? When will you finally face the elephant in your mind that promises to trample over the nice, comfortable illusions that you have put in place to keep yourself safe? I am here to help you to overcome your fears, Dear Ones, to lift the veil and to help you to find your true self – Who You Really Are. It is time to come out of the closet of your mind and shine your inner light to the world. But, before you can do that, you must shine it inward and bask in the sanctity of your spiritual self.

The outer world will always be unhappy if your inner world is at war with itself! One can only mask inner turmoil for so long before the walls come crashing down around you and you finally need to admit that your heart is broken, you despise the person you are or that you can no longer stay in a marriage that is a sham. Whatever issue the ‘elephant’ is, there is no room in your spiritual body for lies! Camouflage can work only for so long before the true colours are revealed. The sooner the facts are on the table and the fears are faced, the truth is told and the unpleasantness is weathered, the sooner a better reality can be created for all involved.

Go within, into the safety of your heartspace and speak to your soul. Surround yourself in white light and breathe deeply. Admit how you feel and about yourself and why you continue on this path of unhappiness, sorrow and pain. What are you really afraid of? Once you admit your fears, then you can face and begin to overcome them. Take a pen and paper and write down your feelings, your fears and your struggles. Acknowledge them, then begin to strip away the illusions around them by digging deeper. What do you have to gain by staying in a safety net that keeps you trapped and stops you from moving forward? What are the dangers of breaking free of the net? What will you lose? Conversely, what will you gain?

Then go deeper again. Staying in an unhappy situation indicates a lack of love for oneself? Why do you dislike/hate/devalue yourself? What will it take to forgive and love yourself again? What is the first step you can take to loving yourself and taking back your power? Go back to the past now and ask me, Archangel Uriel, to help you to forgive and cut ties. Pour love into your inner child and allow yourself to grieve. Then give yourself permission to exist in the world, to be free of pain, to embrace life and to be happy.

Imagine a radiant golden light blazing up through you now, burning away the sorrow, hardship and pain of the past. Feel the chains of self-loathing drop away and feel the empowerment of self-love sweep through you. Now is the time to break free of self-slavery and reclaim your light.

It is recommended that you repeat this meditation every day for two weeks. It may take longer, or the effects may be much more rapid. Be patient and persistent, for peace in the outer world can only be achieved when every living soul on Earth is at peace with Who-They-Are.

I AM Archangel Uriel.

                                           Victoria's List of Services 
A session may include any or all of the following:
· Psychic aura reading/body scan: Victoria uses her 
clairvoyance to see what is being held 
energetically in your auric field, 
in your chakras and organs.
·   Spiritual healing: Victoria will witness powerful Divine 
healings to lift past trauma and negative belief systems to help 
you to move into the future.
·  Channelled messages from your 
angel guides and the Creator
·   Mediumship: talk to your passed over loved ones
· Psychic tarot and oracle card reading
· Reiki
· Pendulum chakra activation

By appointment at 120 Goldie St Wynyard,
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