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Reaching Out Spiritual News November 2020

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My name is Victoria  Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel and live on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA)  and  had the honour of being awarded  Tasmanian Psychic Expos' 2019 Psychic of the Year!
I give psychic aura and tarot readings, soul and past-life healings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator-of-All-That-Is non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. I am based in Wynyard but can give sessions over the phone, via video call or even remotely.
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Blessings, Victoria

What's Coming Up?

My fourth book has been released! 

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The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth

If the world is a stage for humans to learn lessons each incarnation towards soul development, enlightenment and mastery, what can the planet Earth teach us?

While our life experiences may shape us and influence the direction our lives take, how many of us take notice of how the natural world can be used as a guide to adapting to the changes that impact our lives on a daily basis?

Completely channelled by Victoria Cochrane from the Masters of the Cosmic Council through the Creator of All That Is, The Book of Life is divided into three parts.

Every chapter is accompanied by a meditation directly relating to the chapter which can be used by the reader to attain and retain balance in their lives. Each meditation has been beautifully recorded by Victoria and are accompanied by the soothing and relaxing music of Christopher Lloyd Clarke from Enlightened Audio. They are fully accessible upon purchase of the book.

The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth will both challenge your thinking and enlighten your mind. It is a gift from the Source of Creation to help you to take back your power, alter your perspective and to raise your vibrations to a heightened state of consciousness.

This is an important book for humanity and one you will come back to again and again.

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Angelic Whisperings

You are a powerful co-creator and your intention is your word. You create your reality when you follow through with your focused thoughts. Mindfulness, positivity and kindness are key intentions if you wish to change your life for the better.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

 Card of the Month

This month’s card is from

Chakra Reading Cards

by Rachelle  Charman

15. Self Mastery: “I am the master of my destiny.”

“This is a powerful time for self-mastery…

You are being called at this time to master

your gifts....Focus your energy on what you 

would like to master and don’t give up till you

have embodied it fully.”


Inside the Healing Room

Clairvoyance: A Different Way of Seeing

As a professional psychic and spiritual healer for over ten years now I have met some very interesting people from across  the world and made some wonderful and life-long friends. I have risen early to meet people on Skype from New York, Nigeria and Giza and have done remote healings for clients and their families in England, Scotland and across Australia. How do I do it?

A lot of people are surprised and not just a little sceptical when I say that I don’t need to be with them face-to-face to tune into them and read their energy. The reason being that, while the psychic intuition I have and the ability to see, hear or feel information are my gifts, the information I receive and the healing that I give to clients does not come from me - I am the channel and so am effectively just the messenger.

As a Theta Healing practitioner I have been trained to connect to the Seventh Plane, or the Creator of All That Is. This energy IS akin to God but it is NOT anything to do with religion. It just means that I am connecting to the unconditional love of the Universe and am therefore protecting myself, and my client, from attracting or exchanging lower vibrational energies.

Clairvoyance, or ‘clear-seeing’ is a fantastic gift that I have that means that I use my third-eye to see and read a person’s energy; I can see the angels, masters and spirits around them and see the colour of their aura. It allows me to scan the organs inside a person, see blockages and negative energies, identify wayward spirits and entities attached to a person or to ‘watch’ what happened in a past life or what may happen in the future as if on a movie screen. It is the most valuable of psychic gifts because it means that I can witness healings and read a person psychically without being physically present using a technique called ‘remote viewing.’

Most of my work is actually hands-off and requires me to witness the healing from the Creator or the person’s angelic guides using my third eye. To do this, I bring my energy over the person’s head with intention and purpose, asking the Creator for an unconditional love healing or reading for the person for their highest and best. Once I am sure I am there, I bring myself in front of them energetically and ‘see’ their body like a silhouette. I can then witness the healings while I intuitively feel into where I need to look next or to find belief systems or past lives that need healing and changing. Everything is done with intent and trust.

This kind of work is both challenging and rewarding and takes total belief and trust in myself as an accurate channel and clairvoyant. I also need to be mindful that I am entering a person’s energy field and I am always mindful that I ask their permission to do that.

Tuning into anyone without their permission is definitely not on and against spiritual law. A couple of times clients have said they could feel me entering their aura and one could even feel her energy going into mine. I was quick to break ties and go more gently.

 Energy work is very powerful and to be done with permission and the utmost respect but, oh my goodness, it is amazing! I just wish I knew how I do it!!!

Victoria Cochrane

    Spiritual Snippets

What is Christ Consciousness?

“Dearest Readers, many of you have probably been raised in the Christian Faith or other world religions….

Personally, I was raised a Catholic and learned, since childhood, about the Christ coming to Earth in order to teach us the Principles of Love according to the Church catechism studies.

But already at that very young age, I deeply sensed that despite loving the Christ Teachings, I had no alliance of the heart with the Catholic Church and was not in resonance with their religious Dogma….

Nowadays, I have of course no judgment towards all the ones that find faith and comfort in the Catholic Church. As a spiritual being I learned to have the greatest respect for all religions, credos and beliefs but the Catholic way was never my way and to find our own way is so much more important then to just believe in something because we have been taught by others that this is the only path that will lead us to the spiritual truth….

Although, many years later, upon my spiritual awakening, I met again with the Teachings of the Christ. But this time around, they were presented to me in a very different form then previously and these new understandings offered me the revolution of my own heart that until then had remained firmly closed.

Firstly I became fully aware that God/Source was not separate from us but within us and within everything around us….

And then I realized that the Christ Teachings were not just words of wisdom but indeed pure consciousness; seeds of consciousness that we already carry inside and through the process of receiving both the new spiritual learnings and the practicing of meditation, this Christ Consciousness could simply grow and develop from within our own being all those magnificent Christ qualities of Love&Light that are always present in us.

In the beginning of my transformation I was taken back by these new discoveries so radically different from everything I knew before, but after a while all started to make perfect sense….

To be awakened, to be conscious means to align our consciousness with the Christ Consciousness as the evolution and growth inside our awareness simply signifies to fully accept and embrace all the Christ Principles:

Love, Compassion, Patience, Forgiveness,

Generosity, Peace, Faith, Divinity,

Charity, Oneness

Humility, Gratitude, Non-judgment

I began to fully comprehend that the key was to be found not in listening to the teachings as just wisdom learnings of the mind only, but in being able to instead embody them. To begin the merging of my own consciousness with the Christ Consciousness, as one, was my own turning point, gifting me with the full insight of what meant to truly walk on the spiritual path…and as it is within me, it is also within you…

The answer to our evolution lays in the shift of consciousness that must occur when we are called to open ourselves more spiritually, kick starting the process of enlightenment of all those parts of the Self that don’t yet hold the Christ Consciousness qualities….

In order to contribute to the creation of a more equal society and more respect towards Mother Earth, it is all about putting our own energy and consciousness where it is mostly needed, where there is indeed the biggest lack of awareness and usually this is to be found in all the hearts of the ones that forgot the beauty and simplicity of the Christ Consciousness Teachings, the very teachings that could transform not just our lives but also the lives of others to be truly graceful and filled with greater meanings…

To be awake is simply to remember…

All my Love & Light until next week

Claudia xxx”

Published on October 2, 2019

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A Christmas Message...Have Faith in My Love

To many, the word ‘faith’ is aligned to God and the doctrine associated with religion. This is not to be maligned, because holding faith in a deity or source of love, such as Jesus, has helped many people on Earth to come back from the brink of despair, addiction and disconnection from society. In fact, disconnection in general is the single most devastating state that a human can suffer from, leading them to feel they don’t belong, are not good enough and lost in every sense of the word.

To have faith in something or someone is to hold the belief that they are true, worthy and of value. The word ‘faith’, then, is synonymous with the word ‘trust’, because if you have faith then you also trust that your faith is well founded and will be upheld. The sad fact is that, while many people put their trust and faith in God, they don’t believe in themselves and leave all major decisions up to the Will of God, rather than trusting in themselves as creators in their own right. So many people live with insecurities about themselves and fail to see that the most important person that they need to love, trust, have faith and believe in is themselves.

Lack of self-love and belief can cause many people to look outside of themselves for validation and love. If you cannot fill your own emotional cup, then your need for love and attention is most likely to drain other peoples’ cups! When people rely on their friends and loved ones for love and support because they cannot give it to themselves it can lead to failed relationships and friendships falling away. Sadly, many people never face their own demons and find themselves socially outcast simply because they always put their needs above others.

In a way, putting your faith in Jesus or God without believing in yourself, while filling your cup for a while, is still a default setting and a smokescreen hiding your deeper insecurities. In the energy of oneness and unconditional love, there is no separation from God, the ethereal kingdom, humans and each other. This means that all humans are infinitely connected to the light of the Source of Creation and are therefore co-creators and beings of love, which is why feeling disconnection to the faith and belief in God the Creator, within or without religion, is so devastating to the soul.

Do you believe in yourself? Can you honestly say you love and accept yourself? If someone were to put their faith and trust in you, would you shy away or embrace the challenge?

If you are having trouble believing in anything in your life, look no further than in your own heart. Connect to the light within and begin the work of restoring faith in yourself as a person, being of light and a soul who is loved eternally by the source of all creation.

Beloveds, I am with you in Spirit and always in your hearts. As the religious festival of Christmas approaches with another commemoration of my birth, I reach out to all living souls at this time, regardless of your religious faith, sexual preference, race, colour, creed or criminal history. I, like you, was born in the light of the love of the Creator and I returned to it at the time of death. During my life on Earth, I never doubted that the love of God was with me, no matter how alone I might have felt at different times.

Christmas may be a religious festival, but the meaning of my birth goes much deeper than what has been cited in the Bible and retold endlessly on Earth. My life mattered, yes, but was not more important than yours or any other soul who has ever lived. The message that I wish you to know this Christmas is not to follow me in the Christian faith, if that is not your belief or will. It is for you to know that you and I are always connected through your Higher, or Christed, Self and the unconditional love of the Universe. We are never separate and there are no pre-requisites to feel my love. My love and compassion is yours to give to yourself and others – the more you do, the more you connect to your higher knowing, leading your vibrations to rise to a higher level of consciousness and a deeper understanding of who you truly are in spirit.

This Christmas give gifts if it gives you joy, but giving your love freely and without expectation to your family, friends, to strangers, those in need and to the world is the highest and best way to bring my love to the world.

I have come and gone, but I have never left!

I AM ever with you.

Yeshua ben Yoseph (Jesus).

Meditation Musings

Reconnection Meditation

During the Covid 19 pandemic, it has been easy for people to be and feel really disconnected from each other and from their own spirituality. For many, meditation has been the best way to stay grounded, connected to their guides and to keep their vibrations high enough to stay out of the fear circulating through the media. For those who don’t or can’t meditate, or who find it extremely difficult to shut their minds off, however, staying calm and positive has been a much harder exercise. When one is lonely on top of that, the world must seem like a pretty dark place.

If you are one who has been feeling alone and prone to anxiety through the pandemic, try this simple meditation to connect to the light of Source. Do it often and you will soon be feeling less alone, more heart centred, grounded and connected to the light within you.

Breathe deeply and relax your body and mind with each outbreath. See, feel or imagine a light coming through your crown, connecting you to the Divine love of the Source of Creation. Feel the strength of the energy as it descends through your body, connecting your chakras as it goes down into Mother Earth.

Bring your focus back to your crown chakra and see, feel, visualise or imagine its violet colour as it slowly surrounds you until you find yourself sitting on top of it. It looks and feels like a lotus flower with infinite petals. Continue breathing steadily in a relaxed manner, drawing the beautiful energy of the crown chakra into your being. If you find your head is filled with a lot of pressure, ask that the energy be matched to your vibration in the highest and best way and that any lower vibrations be transmuted and cleansed by the violet light.

Feel yourself rising now into the white, sparkling light of the Creator. As you do so, your lotus flower turns to white; you are now one with the unconditional love of Source. In this energy there are no people or things; everything just is. As you feel yourself merging with and becoming one with the light, allow yourself to trust and to just be. Allow the feeling of love to wash through you, cleansing negativity, pain, anxiety and fear, returning your body to balance.

Focus on the feeling of love and send it out to the world – to your loved ones, your friends, work colleagues or pets, to a certain country, its people or to a particular part of nature, like the oceans, mountains or forests. Call in Archangel Raphael to witness the healing your love manifests as well as to magnify its impact.

When you are ready, bring your focus back to the violet light of the crown chakra. Send the violet light down through your body to ground into Mother Earth and then to centre in your heart space. You will feel at peace and very loved.

I AM the Creator of All That Is

Victoria Cochrane


The Last Word

Excerpt from The Book of Life: 

Lessons from Mother Earth

From Chapter 9, The Human Collective Consciousness

In the energy of the Creator of All That Is, everything and everyone in the universe is One. There is no separation from the Source of Creation, even though many people on the Earth believe or feel it to be so. The connection between humans is therefore intrinsic and infinite, with every thought, word, feeling and intention emitted by every human alive on the planet collecting around the globe as a mass of fluctuation and ever-changing energy. It is called the Human Collective Consciousness and it affects everyone in different and varying ways.

This ‘cloud’ of energy is a complete mish-mash of feelings and emotions ranging from hatred to love, despair to joy, loss and emptiness to overwhelming happiness. As the emotions of every individual change throughout the day, so does the amount of negativity or positivity in the consciousness. The location of where a particular thought or emotion was emitted makes no difference, because the energy mixes with existing energy, fluctuating, changing and travelling around the Earth at any given time. In places where extreme events are occurring, such as war, natural disaster or travesties against humanity, pockets of deep negativity may remain for some time. This is why it is so important for every human to be careful of the vibration of their thoughts and to send love to the world whenever they can.

People can be affected by the Human Collective Consciousness without being aware of it and this is where the danger lies. Waves of love and positivity will not do any harm if they come over a person unexpectedly but, when hit by a sudden wave of inexplicable anger and unexplained hatred that originally emanated from a person or group with extremist views, unwitting and innocent people can suddenly become violent without explanation. Those whose vibrations are already low due to substance abuse, poverty, extreme hunger or hardship are particularly vulnerable, because low vibrations will attract more of the same. Empathic people, or those who are sensitive to the energy around them, are also at risk. As the plight of humanity deepens and the grips of corruption and manipulation tighten, this is a timely reminder to all to protect your energy and remain vigilant.

It is not our intention to discuss the darker forces who have been at play in the world. Rather, it is much more critical to stress the importance of spiritual connection to the unconditional love of the Creator. When one operates from the love of Source, lower energies cannot penetrate the aura or soul of the person. It is critical for each and every person on the Earth to extricate themselves from the illusion of the drama and materialism of the Earthly plane and to connect to their own divinity. Meditate, pray for assistance and begin to see the world through the lens of love, gratitude and service. Be conscious of your thoughts and feelings, because they create your reality and add to the consciousness of the masses. Work towards becoming a master of your own destiny and take responsibility for your thoughts, words, actions and reactions to others. Only you can change your world for the better. It starts with mindfulness and ends with mastery. Ask me to guide you.

I AM Archangel Michael

“The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth.” Victoria Cochrane. 2020, Synk Media.

Testimonial for the Book of Life

“Read the first two chapters this morning , didn't get to the meditations yet though (toddler at home ) . But as I read my whole body started to tingle & vibrate . Can't wait to see what happens when I integrate the meditations with the chapters . Amazing work Victoria ! Powerful .” Ebony  

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