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Reaching Out Spiritual News October 2023

Tasmanian Psychic Expo's 2019 Psychic of the Year

Welcome to my monthly  newsletter!
My name is Victoria Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel living on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA)  and  had the honour of being awarded  Tasmanian Psychic Expos' 2019 Psychic of the Year!
I give psychic aura and tarot readings, soul and past-life healings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator-of-All-That-Is non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. I am based in Wynyard but can give sessions over the phone, via video call or even remotely.
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Card of the Month

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Earth Magic Oracle Cards

by Steven F. Farmer



“Now is the time to let anything in your life fall away that is no longer useful or needed for the emerging expression of who you are…. Life is ready to birth following a period of quiet and gestation. So let go of whatever has outlived its purposefulness and trust that something else will take its place.”


Spiritual Reflections

Instinct vs Intuition

When a new baby is born, whatever the species, they know exactly what to do. They know how to push their way out of the womb and how to find their mother’s breast. The natural instinct for survival ensures that they let their mother know, as best they can, that they have needs that need to be met. In the same way, a new mother, even if they have never been one before, instinctively keeps their young safe, warm and fed while protecting them from harm. Instinct is displayed through common behaviours, responses and reactions that allow us to keep safe and alive.
Intuition, is also an innate ability and is, as described by Sheryl Wagner* as “a natural ability to know or understand something without conscious reasoning” which is partly instinct but which is innately within us. Intuition can help us keep safe, but rather than it being a reaction or response, it is usually a feeling or knowing, like something is or is not right. The main difference between instinct and intuition is that  instinctive behaviours are shown by all individuals in a species, but how intuitive an individual can be depends upon how in tune one can be, how spiritually connected and how closely one is paying attention to the signs that intuition is at play.
Being intuitive is not the same as being empathic - one can have a strong ‘sixth sense’ without being swamped with other people’s energies. I always say that our intuition is our basic psychic sense, and when we trust it we can begin to develop our psychic connections and abilities. While it’s true that not all intuitive people work as psychics or develop their psychic gifts further, intuitive people can be incredibly correct in their feelings, visions and predictions, surprising even themselves when what they have seen actually comes true.!
Instinct and intuition can interplay in situations, such as the birth of a baby, a serious illness or meeting someone new for the first time. Our instincts may tell us one thing, but our intuition may be trying to override them through nagging feelings that won’t go away. My advice would be to always trust the nagging and investigate further - not only is it your own psychic sense, but it is also the universe guiding you in a better direction.

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Meaning of the Flower of Life

Today I would like to tell you a little more about the meaning and effect of the flower of life. As I mentioned in my homepage, the flower of life is a symbol which consists of 19 circles. This wonderful motif occurs all over the world such as: Ireland, Turkey, England, Israel, Egypt, China, Tibet, Greece and Japan – everywhere. It is known everywhere under the same name.

It isn’t called “flower”  because it looks like a flower, but because it stands for the cycle of a fruit tree. This fruit-tree will sooner or later carry flowers which will then become fruit, e.g. pears, plums, etc. The resulting pieces of fruit carry the seeds that will fall on the ground and give life to a new fruit tree, and so it goes on and on and on. A cycle takes place in this case: first the tree, then the flower, then the seed and back again to the tree. This is fascinating, considering that this cycle constantly repeats itself, like life itself.

The seeds of life
In the center of the flower of life there are 7 interlaced circles, this pattern is called seed of life. It symbolizes the rite of creation and shows how life is created. If you draw the flower of life you always have to start with a circle. This is the beginning, this is how life begins for humans too, with the first fertilized ovocyte. Then this cell splits, the same thing happens with the Flower of Life, you have to draw the second circle so that it intersects the first exactly in the center. This process goes on until we have the first seven circles (seed of life). The process of the development of human life is the same, the oocytes continue to divide and form the first cluster of cells.

Let’s have a look at the effects of the flower of life

Now we have seen that the process of the development of life is contained in the flower of life. If we visualize this, we’ll recognize that the origin of our being is stored in the flower of life.

The basic structure, then!

This means that every time you look at the flower you see the beginning of everything

This means that you can connect with the origin! 

I hope that by now you’ll have realized what I want to say. Everything that does not proceed harmoniously in your life, if you feel like you’ve left the track or even if you are experiencing physical problems – all of this can be corrected, because you have the key to the origin. Do you know that your first cells are located in your perineum, and ensure that the information of regeneration is sent to all other cells? These cells carry all the information you need to stay healthy. You just have to let them continue with this process and live your life in harmony, not in disharmony. And this is what the flower of life shows you. It is simply perfect.




Collapse and Rebirth

There is a matrix around the Earth, below the Ascended Crystalline Grid, that is now imploding upon itself. As the domination of men is continuously challenged and under scrutiny, humankind grows ever weary of the violence, war, corruption and crimes against humanity that are forcing many humans to exit the planet. There is no end to the misery for many, while the world waits for news of the next war, the next catastrophe and the next pandemic.

Think, for a moment, of the fleeting nature of life and consider, if you will , about the permanent nature of death. Or is it? Death is a transition from the physical form to the etheric, and the freedom that having no human body brings is unimaginable. Loved ones left behind grieve, but the soul flying free rejoices that their time on Earth is over so the real work can begin.

Even so, what is occurring on Earth is both caused by and causing major energetic shifts in the consciousness of man, and the consequences upon the dark souls who control the matrix of power around the world is clearly evident. While the turmoil grows more intense and disturbing for those watching it unfold on their television screens, the reality for those caught up in any of the multiple conflict, health crisis and disasters is like a never-ending nightmare they cannot wake from.

Dear Hearts, the state of the Earth is one of constant flux due to the escalating attempts of the dark to overtake the light. If humans allow themselves to submit to the fear and acts of oppression, they will lose sight of the light that is ever present and there as a way forward. Light always overcomes dark, and as the matrix pulls tighter, attempting to gain or regain control, the space left for the light grows ever wider.

What can you do? Pray, meditate and love – yourself, your loved ones, friends and those that you cannot abide. Send love to your friends but moreso to your enemies, for they need it the most as they embark on the journey of repaying the karma they have created and of learning the lessons they have ignored. The more love in the world, the more light, which then shows the way to those who have previously been lost. See the good in the world and focus on building upon it. It does not mean that you ignore what is happening, but how can you assist through service rather than emotion that only leads you down the spiralling path of despair and loss of hope. Where there is life there is love, hope and the human spirit, which is actually born from the light of Source and therefore never lost and never alone.

The Flower of Life (FOL) is a symbol steeped in mythology but relevant to the modern and current world. Its symmetry is sacred and healing in nature and can be used by the healer and lightworker in conjunction with the codes and rays of Creation to extinguish darkness and activate the light. The Flower of Life in its simplicity, that is, one flower on its own, is enough to activate powerful light codes that connect each person to their Christed-self through repeated symbols of infinity. The three intersecting infinity symbols within each flower represent the sacred triad, or each person’s etheric replica and is therefore a crucial tool in helping each person to cleanse and reharmonise soul fragments to bring the person back into alignment with their I AM Presence. If one considers that the rays held within the sacred triad are those of diamond, silver and gold, the power of the symbol will become clear. Each flower is situated in a circle, which represents infinity as well as the never-ending Circle of Life that is cyclic and symbiotic in nature.

 If one examines the diagram closely, the entire picture represents the Omniverse. The 12 circles represent the 12 universes within. They are all interlocking, which represents Oneness. 12 is the number of Creation and thus of every person’s own divinity. It contains the 12 rays of light which make up the white light of the Source of Creation. When one consciously connects to this light, their spiritual journey will become a way of life and a crucial part of the ascension of Earth.

The magic of life and of Creation itself is held within every petal and intersection of the lines within the symbol of the Flower of Life. It is the first symbol of Ascension, activating light codes within each chakra that open the person to higher levels of consciousness. The frequency of the codes are dependent upon the person’s current level of consciousness, as well as their ability to hold the vibrations in their energy fields without succumbing to the lower energies of 3D Earth. Without mindful intent, raised vibrations can plummet very quickly when a person allows the negativity of other people’s realities to permeate their consciousness. Along with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, using the Flower of Life as a tool of Ascension is one of the most powerful things one can do to help bring Earth out of transition and fully into the Age of Aquarius.

The symbol of the Flower of Life is now available to every Lightworker, awakening and emerging soul who is intentionally sending love and healing to the Earth, the Human Collective Consciousness and the Golden Crystalline Grid. All you need to do is to focus your attention on it and intend that it multiplies its form and strengthens its energy wherever there is love and light being projected from people all around the world. The power of this one intention can never be underestimated. Please make it a daily practise.

I AM Lord Melchizedek.

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Message of the Month from the Book of Life Oracle Cards

Chapter 22

Regaining Your Voice

As small as you may feel, you matter. In the energy of the Universe where every single thing is united through the unconditional love of Source, you are equally as important as anyone else. You atter and your voice countls. I honour you and I encourage you to begin fighting your situation in the only way possible - through prayer, meditation, the giving of gratitude for what you have and the sending of love to your oppressors.


Ask now for help to be strong in the face of all your challenges and feel a swell of energy in your solar plexus. Allow all fear to be swept from your body as the Creator's light strengthens you within.

Now ask to be able to feel forgiveness, to be reconnected to universal love and empowered to find peace within.Hand all of y our worries and feas for the present and future, plus all of the anger from the past, over to God and the Universe as you see, feel or imagine the Violet Flame of Transmuation enveloping you, taking all of your fears, anger and lack of forgiveness away.

“The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth” (Cochrane, 2020).

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 The Last Word

What Drives Addiction?

When you are born you come from the light. You are connected to me, God, knowing only oneness and unconditional love. You reincarnate into your physical body secure in your connection and your purpose for coming to the Earthly Plane.

As time wears on, life in the physical form can begin to take its toll. People make you believe that you are worthless or that you are not believable. The ugliness of human emotions makes itself known to you and your connection to Source begins to wear down. In the place of connection, love and peace comes fear, hatred and self-doubt. There begins to be a void in the place where the strong connection to my love once was. Unaware of what is causing this void, you begin to find ways to fill it to help you to feel better, or to escape from the harsh reality of living on Earth.

This is where people who have lost their connection to me lose their way, looking to fill the void with addiction to substances that are not for their highest and best. Without awareness of what is causing the hole in their lives, people turn to substances that temporarily relieve their depression and despair.

It is a reality that many souls are lost in this way at this time, and it seems that their energy is bringing or keeping the world stuck in a lower vibration. To some extent this is true, but the prevalence of disconnection to Spirit is also the catalyst for bringing about change. Where once there was judgment and condemnation or even pity for people who were addicted, now there is help and the possibility of reconnection to Source. Sometimes, the only way to the light is to go into the darkness.

People will change when they can no longer accept to stay in the energy of despair and addiction. They will also change when their fellow man looks beyond the symptoms and recognises the cause. This, Dear Ones, is occurring around the world, and is lifting many out of the darkness of separation and disconnection and back into my light.

Many people do it through affiliation to religion, but they are still only part way to their journey. Connection to Source through religion is a temporary measure that will allow the person to feel more fulfilled while overcoming their need to fill the gaps in their hearts through substance abuse. When they are ready to fully embrace the lessons of the past, they will move beyond the safety of religion full-force into the realisation of oneness with me. It may take years, but at least they are back on the path of enlightenment and truth.

For those of you who have bypassed or moved through the lessons of religion, I say to you, “Welcome home!” When you are able to feel fulfilled just through connection to my light without the need to take unnatural substances into your body, then your journey along the path of truth and light will become clearer and more fulfilling.

Your body is a temple, because it is your direct connection to me. You are a co-creator and as such you are a God yourself. You may decide that all is in moderation, but your connection to me is strongest when your body is free of chemicals and all that is unnatural, including caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. It is wise to avoid these substances when your connection to me is important or there is a need for your body to be the clearest and purest channel.

People who distribute banned substances illegally for gain or profit are on their own paths of learning and will need to reckon with the karma that they gather either in this life or in their life’s review after their death. All souls reckon with their life’s dealings on return to the ethereal planes, but not all souls choose to resolve their karma or to extend their learning through to another reincarnation. This is entirely their choice to which there is no judgment attached. However, should the karma stay unresolved, their soul journeys will be severely hampered and they may remain stuck at their level of attainment for quite some time. Whenever they choose to reincarnate, issues to do with any unresolved karma will arise, affording an opportunity to resolve it.

The interference to one’s life from the effects of drugs and other chemical-altering substances cannot be ignored, but the lessons gained from such experiences can have positive long-term effects on the universal consciousness and on Earth’s ascension, if the lessons can be learned in time. One can argue that the energies of the Earth will be lowered through the use of mind-altering substances, but the counter argument is that the energies of Ascension will not allow for or tolerate the actions of those who use these substances to the point of abuse, violence or crime against others. Personal use of drugs can be seen as a lesson, but when the use affects the free-will of other people and has the potential to alter their destiny, this is another matter altogether. These people will now be quickly exposed, and karmic retribution will be swift.

Look to the light to extinguish the darkness in your lives. Look to me to assist you with finding your way and remembering your higher purpose for being on this Earth. I am always with you, We are one.

I AM Creator of All-That-Is.



“ I purchased Victoria's fourth book "The Book of Life" a few years ago and recently purchased the Oracle cards that alignwith each chapter and meditation in the book.

I love the cards and look forward each morning to selecting a card to see what message and meditation it brings to me for the day. Since consistently practising the meditation and message each morning I feel a lightness of being and a shift in my energy levels that carry me through the whole day. I highly recommend the Oracle cards as a tool to put into practise the message in Victoria's book - The Book of Life."  Donella

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“Dear ‘Tor,

I listened to your meditation on YouTube and felt a significant physical shift at one point, and thought, wow, even though it was a short meditation, simply read, without music, it had power!

I thought I could get through all the content and meditations in that time but how wrong I was. On second reading and with more focus I found the information so rich I could only complete a handful of chapters. And the meditations. Oh my word! Let’s just say I now consider myself a cadet lightworker, visiting the Crystaline Grid regularly!

And I’m still going. This morning I did meditation 14 and was actually brought to tears! As a child I would cry at the drop of a hat, but the Australian school system soon got me out of that. Lots of healing going on.” Peter

"I wanted to let you all know that if you haven’t yet read Victoria’s ‘The Book of Life – Lessons from Mother Earth’ then I would really encourage you to do so. Amazing, inspiring and beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it. I have read this book several times now, and it still brings tears to my eyes each time. You can feel the love from spirit and Mother Earth through Victoria’s channelled words, as it connects deeply with a place in your heart. I found that reading the messages in this book is a healing exercise in itself!

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you will love this book. It’s one of those books you can read over and over again and get something more from it each time. Many of the beautiful meditations at the end of each chapter, which can be accessed for free online, can be utilised over and over whenever you have a particular need.

Thank you, Victoria for bringing this wonderful book to the world! Your love and dedication to helping others is inspiring. Much love and blessings, Christine."

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