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Reaching Out Spiritual News October-November 2017 Edition

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My name is Victoria  Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel and live on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am an Advanced Theta Healer, Reiki Master, psychic medium and  spiritual tutor. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA) and Australian Reiki Connection (ARC).
I give tarot readings, psychic readings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. To read testimonials about my work, please visit my website,
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A Word From the Creator

Take at least 5 days to stop, breathe and recentre your energy. You will feel much more grounded and connected if you do.

Card of the Month
This month’s card is from
Earth Magic Oracle Cards
By Steven D. Farmer
EAGLE: Communion

“Communion with nature is essential for you now. 

Take some time to do an open-eyed meditation 

with any nearby animal or plant.” p.58

Becoming Psychic

Living Between Two Realities

As humans we live in the physical world and deal with all of the dramas and realities of our day to day life. If we are spiritually aware, the challenge is  maintaining our connection to the Creator and our spiritual guides while living  our daily lives without losing our balance, becoming ungrounded or uncentred. Some people find it quite easy to do while others struggle. So, what’s the secret?
Well, I am no guru but the way I do it is to always be aware of my connection and the presence of my guides, even if I am too busy to meditate properly. Staying grounded is also really important, as is avoiding being drawn into other people’s dramas and general media hype. Unlike many people, I am not an empath so I don’t have the trouble that many do of picking up other people’s denser energies. If you do have that trouble, I advise you to be extra vigilant with your protection and clearing rituals and to avoid, as much as possible, people and places that drag your energy down.
What has helped me, I think, is that I don’t separate my spiritual self from my day to day life. Although I am busy and have a working life, I am aware of my connection to the Creator and my guide, AA Michael, every minute of every day. I am also aware of the impact my thoughts and actions have on the world and my own reality and work very hard to keep stay positive and grateful. As a human, though, I cannot     say that I am always successful in this endeavour! However, awareness, knowledge and faith in my connection is what helps me to bounce back on track quite quickly.
So the best advice I can give for spiritual people struggling to stay centred in the physical world comes from AA Michael through the channellings of Ronna Vezane: Live every day as though spirit is sitting on your shoulder. It works for me!  VC

 Spiritual Matters

All About Angels

Angels of every order are working for the greater good. In doing this they serve humanity, and by serving humanity they are messengers of the Creator. Although the angelic realm, including the masters of light, live and work in duality, everything in the Universe is encompassed by the unconditional love of the Creator. In working together, we all become united; oneness comes when there is tolerance, peace, unity and acceptance. Although the angelic realm fights the darkness, they represent my unconditional love and light.
There are nine known orders of angels in religion yet, in reality, the angelic energy is all the same. Yes, there is a hierarchy but, just as no man is more or less equal than another on Earth in the eyes of the Creator, so it is with the leagues of angels that serve humanity. It would not matter which angel you called on, whether it be an angel, an archangel, a golden angel, a seraphim or a throne, their energy is always loving, non-judgemental and powerful.
Many people do not call upon angels because they feel that their worries are too small to bother an angel with. Beloveds, we are here to serve you! It does not matter whether you call upon an angel of the highest or lowest order, we will always be there in that instant ready to assist you. What is small in the minds of humans is magnified many times in the angelic kingdom; the cry of a child, the anguish between two lovers or an argument between friends. No matter is too small for angels to help with.
Angels can reincarnate as humans to the extent that an aspect of their essence can be in one’s soul. So, while it is true that angels have never walked the Earth as humans, with the exception of Metatron and Sandalphon, they do walk the Earth every day in millions of humans who carry aspects of them in their beings. So, if you are ever called an Earth Angel, you probably are!
Angels will always serve the greater good which may not always be for an individual’s highest and best. Always make sure you request assistance that is in your best interest and that it be given in the highest and best way.
I AM Archangel Michael


The Patterns of Life

The patterns of life are all around us in the natural world; the bees and wasps have stripes, so do zebras, each of who’s pattern is original and unique. Butterflies and moths have distinctive patterns according to their species, as do tigers, jaguars and cheetahs. All humans have fingerprints which, again, are unique to every individual and the network of veins in every single leaf forms a pattern of life. Yes, patterns are everywhere in the world, some being generic but many being as unique and individual as the creature itself.
Patterns are what make up the universe, but not always in shape. Many are in colour, as in a rainbow and others are in numeric codes. Everything in the universe can be reduced to a sequential pattern that has its own vibrational frequency, or ‘DNA’ if you like, that distinguishes its molecular structure from every other organism on the Earth, whether it be living or non-living. This pattern of life is a code that underwrites the look, distinguishing features and behaviour of the organism and generally cannot be changed and keeps the species breeding and surviving. However, there is a natural law of evolution that states that change in structure can and must occur in response to changes in the natural environment and, to that end, many species of organisms are undergoing molecular changes within their DNA structures to adapt to the ever-changing landscapes and weather patterns on Earth. Humans, dear ones, are one of these species undergoing evolutionary change.
The patterns of life upon the Earth have been radically changed by Man’s intervention and behaviours that include the use of fossil fuels and unnatural chemicals. Many organisms, including humans, have been affected and infected by pollution and the ingestion of toxic materials that are often in the food being consumed. The results are disease, sickness and mutations that shorten the life span of the individual and that often threaten the existence of the entire species. Changes in DNA structures throw out the original balance between the species and the environment and this then continues down the food chain. Earth has lost many of its precious plants and animals to Man’s predisposition to killing for entertainment and sport, but the loss of life to unnatural mutations due to toxins, chemicals and diseases will have a far greater impact on life on Earth unless urgent action is taken. The death of millions of humans from diseases and cancers is testament to the physical body’s inability to cope with foreign substances and food that is not in alignment with the natural world; when the pattern of life is interfered with, the consequences can be dire.
It is understood by the masters of light that humans may feel helpless at the whim of governments and leaders who make decisions based on profit rather than on humanitarian terms. Many decisions are made without consultation and often with no communication, leading to the consumption of toxins and chemicals, either through food, absorption or breathing, without peoples’ direct knowledge. People may also feel helpless against corporations who use less-than-worthy ingredients in their products in order to make them more palatable, even though they are unhealthy and often carcinogenic. Many people are now turning towards natural ingredients and raw, organic food and are also rejection western medicine, even if they are considered to be terminally ill; in many cases, the intervention towards a cure is worse than the disease itself and causes more harm than intended.
It is not the intention of this message to advise anyone against going to a doctor or seeking medical assistance when they are ill. It IS intended, however, to convey the importance of maintaining the balance between systems in the world and of not interfering too much in the natural order of life. When balance can be maintained then the health of the organism and the environment will also be maintained. As soon as the balance is thrown out, it is not just the individual and the immediate environment that is affected. At present, much of the world’s natural balance has been disrupted and this has impacted the health and well-being of all living things upon it. The patterns have been changed, and the consequences have the potential to change the world as you all know it forever.
Although small, every individual human has power beyond their own imagining to change the unnatural patterns in their lives and to swing the balance back to the way it should be. Although there are many physical changes individuals can make, such as not using chemicals, eating organic food, recycling rubbish and rejecting food that is unnatural or toxic, there are many other actions you can take that will remain hidden from the naked eye but powerful in their impact upon the natural order of the world. The human mind is a wonderous tool for manifestation, both for good and evil, and when thoughts are made with intent the result is instantaneous.
Continued in The Last Word

Poetic Musings 


Zoning Out
If all there was is love and hate,
The ship would go down quick.
I can’t afford to think of that,
It makes me feel quite sick.

If all I did was listen to
The media’s hype and drama,
I’d want to end it all right now
But that would bring bad karma!

Instead I watch some cooking shows or play nice soothing songs.
I meditate and send out love,
Ignoring worldly wrongs.

The world is changing, that’s for sure,
I’m not sure where it’s going.
But the only way to stay afloat
Is to keep the loving flowing!

So be aware that the Universe
Knows only light and love.
Harness the power of loving thoughts
And energy from above.  VC

The horrors of the human world confront us everyday.
The stories that we see and hear are rife.
The human race is fighting and are at each other's throats
While many more are running for their life.

Yet despite the tumultuous energy that is causing all the trouble
The light and love of God is with us all.
To feel it and to shine this love will overcome the darkness
And the Lightworkers are answering the call.

Those who hate rule with fear, suppressing our free will,
And on the surface it may seem they've won.
But an energy this low is no match for Creator's love
Whose light is white and brighter than the sun.

So disengage from it all, Dear Ones, and focus on the Light,
For the light and love of God is all that's true.
Focus on your own life and being the best you can be.
The future depends on me and you.  VC

Spiritually Speaking

The Law of Attraction 

How to attract and manifest abundance in your life.
We Create Our Own Reality!
Be grateful for what you have in your life rather than wishing for what you don’t have.
Act as if you are entitled to the beauty and abundance of the universe and that it is pouring forth in unlimited quantity even before it happens.
Hold the intention that you be connected to the energy of the Supreme Source, the Creator and the primal life force of creation, Adamantine Particles. That way you will manifest in the highest and best energy.
Always manifest for your “Highest and Best and for the Greater Good.”
Give out positivity, love and light and it will return to you in equal measure. If you give out negativity, hatred and darkness, that is what will come back to you!
Be mindful of your thoughts and your self-talk. Your sub-conscious will believe what you tell it! Cut and cancel negative thoughts and rephrase them in positive language.
Be crystal clear, mindful and specific in what you ask the universe to manifest for you.
Listen to and trust your intuition. Expect miracles.
Take notice of the signs that are put in your path. Listen and respond!
TRUST yourself and your instincts.
Acknowledge your feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness, then hand them over to your angels. Refocus on your goal and say a positive affirmation.
Victoria Cochrane
Positive Affirmations
I can!
I will!
I must!
I do!
I know!
I have!
I AM light!
I AM Love!
I AM who I AM!
So it is! It will be. It is so!
Channelled by Victoria from AA Michael

The Last Word

Restoring the Patterns of Life

Visualisation and intent are tools which, when combined with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, work powerfully to restore the order of balance and to bring organisms and the natural world back in alignment.
Performing the following simple visualisation meditation daily or a few times a week is a positive way every individual human can make a difference to the Earth. If you cannot visualise, know that with intent it will be.
Find a comfortable place to sit where you can relax and concentrate. Close your eyes and focus on the light growing within you. Send this energy down from your heart space, through your chakras and ground deeply into Mother Earth. Bring the light back up to your crown, then watch as it floods your aura and penetrates your being. This is your protection and connection to the Creator.
As you sit quietly, breathing rhythmically and slowly, hold the intention that you are connected to the All and to the energy of the angelic realm. Also intend that you are accompanied by your guardian angel or Master of light and see or feel the energy change around you. Ask them to guide you to send energy to the place in the world that is most needing of healing. See or know where that is; it may be the ocean, the crystals deep underground, the forests, orangutans, a certain part of the world… Remember that healing cannot be sent to people without their permission.
Now hold the intention that unconditional love infused with the Violet Flame of Transmutation be sent to raise the vibrations and to restore the natural patterns and order to that place or organisms there in the highest and best way. Hold the energy and watch or feel as the energy is sent and the natural order is restored.
Give thanks and blessings for the healing and for the assistance of your guides. Ground your energy once again and bring your attention back to the room.
You may wish to do this meditation on yourself if you feel out of balance. Remember to always intend healing for the greater good and for your own highest and best.
Send love, light and the Violet Flame, dear ones. Think only positive thoughts and be a shining light for others.
Much love and light to you,  Lord Melchizadek.  VC

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