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Reaching Out Spiritual News June 2020

Welcome to my monthly  newsletter!
My name is Victoria  Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel and live on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA)  and  had the honour of being awarded  Tasmanian Psychic Expos' 2019 Psychic of the Year!
I give psychic aura and tarot readings, soul and past-life healings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator-of-All-That-Is non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. I am based in Wynyard but can give sessions over the phone, via video call or even remotely.
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A Word from the Creator
Stay focused on being the best you can be and letting go of all that no longer serves you.
You are the only person who can change the course of your life for the better.

 Card of the Month

This month’s card is from
Energy Oracle Cards
by Sandra Anne Taylor
12. The Temple Path
Spiritual Purpose and Support
What you’re going through now is part of your soul’s process. You are on your karmic path and heading in the right direction, and the choices you make now are important for your personal growth and development.”

Inside Theta Healing

Shining a Light on Soul Aspects

I have been doing quite a lot of healings lately that involve past life memories. The difference between these healings and others are that the memories are of an aspect of the soul of the person that has a different viewpoint of the way people should behave.
We all have an oversoul that contains many aspects of our former lives as well as those of our soul family. When we reincarnate, we bring in the soul aspects that will help us to learn and integrate our lessons, as well as to heal all discordant energy that is still being carried by one or more of these aspects.
As far as my experience, we can have from 4 to 8 different aspects, but I have seen up to 15, which is way too many when a person is trying to consolidate many lifetimes of learnings.
When a person has a strong belief system that is grounded in doctrine, religion, trauma or abuse, it can take quite a lot of work to replace the negative beliefs and feelings with positives. However, when one soul aspect is particularly indoctrinated, it becomes even harder.
In the times when I have found belief systems impossible to shift I go into the soul and ask to be shown the soul aspect or aspects that are blocking the healing. It is usually a religious figure of some kind, like a nun or a monk, but sometimes it can be an angelic aspect that thinks it has failed in its soul mission and is not worthy of being loved by God. As strange as it seems, Earth is not the only plane that lives in the illusion of duality and separation, so these aspects, who want only to serve, can become separated from the oneness of the all when they are living in the denseness of third dimensional Earth.
Other fascinating soul aspects that I have encountered two or three times are high priestesses from Atlantis. They present in the person as extremely impatient with humanity for not recognising and using their co-creative powers  to change our destructive ways! This is all well and good except everyone has free will and, under the spiritual law of non-intervention not even God can intervene unless the person asks for help or decides to change.
So, if you find yourself with a strong point of view that can sometimes create inexplicable anger, frustration or impatience, even when you can understand all sides, you might be carrying a soul aspect that has a belief system that is grounded in traditions cultures and experiences well beyond many lifetimes!
If you need help, of course give me a call! Victoria Cochrane

    Spiritual Snippets

17 Ways to Conquer Soul Crushing Negativity

1.  Frame your questions in a positive light.
“What if I fail?”
“What will people think of me if I’m wrong?”
These kinds of questions bait us into negative thinking.  By framing our decision-making this way, we’ve already primed ourselves for disappointing outcomes.  We’re expecting the lion to pounce at us from the brush.
Instead, flip the questions around to highlight the positives and advantages.  Not “What could go wrong,” but instead, “What could go right?”  Try “This will be great” instead of “I could fail miserably.”  This method of thinking helps you remain centered on the benefits rather than the drawbacks.
2.  Focus on building and celebrating small habits.
Climbing out of negativity starts with a first step, no matter how small.  Practicing a daily habit is a great way to start building momentum.  If you’re struggling with focus, start meditating for five minutes a day.  Then slowly build on that until you can focus for longer periods of time.  If you’re suffering from writer’s block, write in a journal for five minutes a day.  That will grow into 10 minutes, and then 20.
The most important thing is to create positive habits that you can celebrate, which naturally counteracts negativity.
3.  Give yourself permission to smile and laugh.
When we’re in a negative space it’s hard to find humor in anything.  Research shows that laughing and smiling can increase our levels of serotonin, the happiness hormone, and also raises our endorphin production, which creates a natural “high.”  This leads to reduced stress and other psychological and physiological benefits.
A great way to start is to figure out what makes you laugh.  For a few days, keep track of what kinds of things make you laugh out loud, or smile, or just generally make you feel good.  Then accumulate as many of these sources as you can—books, articles, cartoons, blogs, etc.  When you’re feeling particularly negative, grab one of these and escape for a few minutes.  (Read The How of Happiness.)
4.  Stop saying “can’t” and “won’t.”
When we want something but are struggling to accomplish it, we often sabotage our own progress by convincing ourselves that our goals are out of reach.  Saying “can’t” and “won’t” are like slamming on the brakes: “I can’t write,” “I can’t do it,” “I won’t ever be able to.”  Using these words in this context reinforces the negative messages.  Instead, focus on what you can do: “I can write for 5 minutes a day,” and “I can figure out the steps to make it happen.”
Highlight your abilities rather than your limitations.  Focus on all the possible positive outcomes…
by Angel Chernoff
To read the whole article go to


The Diamond in the Third Eye

The third eye, or sixth chakra is associated with clarity of vision – clairvoyance. People with this gift see things beyond the physical and the naked eye, reading energy and events into the future. They can often also see into the past to gauge what is affecting the person in the
All people on Earth have a sixth sense, yet many will never develop it beyond their intuition, which most fail to trust at the best of times. These souls may simply choose not to, may lose their way or become so entrenched in the lower energies of the third dimension that their connection to their spirituality is blocked. The gift of the third eye, therefore, is not given to a chosen few, yet those who do develop ‘the sight’ will have either agreed to it in their soul contract to serve humanity, will have used it expertly in a past life or are a master of light who has incarnated to assist the Earth and humanity in its evolution. These highly evolved souls, born with gifts of the highest order, will at some point in their lives suddenly or gradually, depending on their age and life’s path, find they can see, feel, hear and know things that others cannot and wonder how on Earth they can!
The term ‘crystal clear vision’ not only relates to people whose eyesight allows them to see clearly without aid! It is very suited to describe people whose third eye vision picks up energy clearly and precisely; truly a remarkable gift. When an energetic crystalline diamond is placed within the third eye, the clarity of vision for the seer will be magnified tenfold and the ability to discern colour, shape and detail will be enhanced. The person will have a sharpened vision within time and space, clarity of thought and heightened awareness of the ethereal world.
Diamonds are associated with love because they are traditionally given as a gift to symbolise engagement, marriage or a life-long commitment to a person. Their many facets project light in all of the colours of the rainbow and the emotions they invoke are usually ones of awe, admiration, gratitude and love.
An energetic diamond (or any crystal for that matter) is unlike a diamond in the physical world in that it is completely formed of light and is therefore pure and untainted in its formation and the energy it emits. It has not had the chance to absorb any lower vibrations and will give the greatest clarity and healing of the highest vibration if it is used with integrity and pure intention.
The use of any crystal energetically comes with a word of caution. Every crystal vibrates at a certain frequency and uses the user’s energy as a trade for its own. When powerful crystals are used without protection or discernment, the magnification of energy occurring in a healing can actually ‘backfire’, draining the person of their energy or even ensnaring it within the crystal.
Diamonds are extremely powerful because they have many facets that trap and reflect light. Their many points also mean that energy can be concentrated and focused to intensify the energy. Anyone using them for clairvoyance or healing purposes must be aware of how to manage this energy within their being while protecting themselves from a trade of sacrifice of their own energy. In addition, the purity of light within any energetic crystal means that the energy is even more powerful and potentially dangerous. Think of all of the scientific tools that use diamonds to concentrate light and heat and you will begin to see that crystal healing requires a basic understanding of not only the properties of crystals but also of spiritual law.
This is not to discourage you from using crystals in your meditations or spiritual work! To be safe, call in the energy of creation and connect to the unconditional love of the universe, holding the intention of using the diamond or crystal, whether in physical or energetic form, in the highest and best way for your greatest good. Also ask that the vibration of the diamond be matched to your own. That is all you need to do for you to be protected from trading or sacrificing your energy. You will also notice an elevation in the vibrational levels of the crystals and in your healing and psychic abilities because the source of energy is unconditional love.
I AM Archangel Michael

The Elohim: Help is at Hand

A friend took a photo recently that featured a beautiful green orb in the forefront. She asked me who was trying to contact her. I have seen an orb like that before and identified it as Archangel Uriel, which it was, but I also got the word Elohim.
Elohim is used in the Bible as a term for God. The basic meaning is strength or power of effect and reminds us that we are powerful co creators. When we stand in our power as spokes of the Divine wheel and creators in our own right we are much less likely to allow ourselves to be disempowered by others.
 El is also at the end of most of the Archangel names who are messengers of God and there to help us as soon as we ask.
The message  for my friend was that she is not alone, to ask for help and to stand strong. She said it really resonated and was especially pertinent for what is happening in her life at the time.
The Archangels are literally God’s army and are there to assist at any time. I often say they are the cavalry because they are omnipotent, non-judgmental and a direct link to the Divine.
No incantations are needed to call upon the angels and archangels. Simply say there name and ask them to help you in the highest and best way. They’ll be there in a flash.

The Spiritual Body

The Base Chakra

Chakra is Sanskrit for Wheel. We have 12 main chakras and 360 all over our bodies. They are vortexes of energy that rotate at a certain speed and vibrate at a certain vibration of light for optimum health and vitality.
The 7 main chakras are the energy centres of our body and are linked to angelic rays, organs of the body and emotional aspects of our life. The rate at which they vibrate depict a certain level of consciousness within our bodies and control our psychological state as well as our connection to the physical, spiritual world.
“The energy, known as the “chi” enters the crown chakra from the cosmos. From there it moves down each chakra bringing new energy and healing by purifying negative emotions and removing negative energy associated with them. At the root chakra, the energy reverts and moves up the body being released at the crown and re-entering the cosmos.”  (Excerpt from
Chakras that are too open or too closed will block the chi flowing through the body which may begin to affect a person’s health. Of course, if the organs associated with a chakra are not functioning properly, that also affects the flow of energy.
The Base or Root Chakra, named the Muladhara, is associated with basic trust. The colour red, it is associated with the First Ray of Archangel Michael.
The root chakra has a connection to the bones of the body (teeth, nails, etc), as well as the gonads, prostate, anus, colon and particularly the adrenal glands, which are a primary organ in humans fight for survival.
If the base chakra is unblocked and the associated organs are healthy, the person will be feeling secure, strong in their identity, grounded, energetic and abundant. The negative attributes of the base chakra are lack of vitality, depression, anxiety, insecurity and self-absorption, scarcity and survival issues and impatience.
Wearing the colour read and strengthen your basic instincts and your ability to trust yourself to keep yourself safe, secure and grounded.
Call on AA Michael to help you.

Monthly Musings

Circular Breath Meditation

Put on your favourite meditation music. Be seated comfortably and close your eyes. Take three, slow abdominal breaths and feel yourself relaxing. Be aware of your physical body in the chair, your feet on the floor and the sounds around you.
Begin a circular breath pattern by breathing in slowly and evenly through your nose and out through your mouth, making sure you push your outbreath right down into your abdomen and relaxing more each time. Begin with a slow count of four and keep it going for 3 to 5 minutes until you are in a rhythm and feeling calm and relaxed.
When you have the breathing count down to 8 counts in and  8 counts out, change the pattern to: breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth, in through your mouth and out through your nose. This will bring you further into an alpha state.
Continue this for another 3 to 5 minutes until you just want to sit in the peace and stillness.
To bring yourself back to the room, count backwards from 10 to 1.
I AM Archangel Michael.

Give it Out, Get it Back 

Give it and prepare to receive.
Say it and make it a reality.
Think it and it will occur.
Do it and it is done.

Do the crime and accept the consequences.
Give your love freely and expect more back in return.
Think you are poor and stay in poverty.
Give thanks for what you have and bring in abundance.

Take it without asking, and prepare to lose it.
Give without expectation and you will be a winner.
Lie, cheat and profit and it will come back to bite you.
But stay in integrity and your life will flow.

Shine your light out and people will love you.
Steal someone's light and find yourself alone.
Give too much to others without receiving,
The scales will be unbalanced and your energy will go.

The laws of the universe keep everything in order,
What you give out will come back to you the same.
Positivity and thankfulness will bring in abundance.
Trust in the universe and be in Divine Flow.
Victoria Cochrane
The Last Word

Help From the Stars

When you look into the sky at night there is much to see. Of course, the number of stars that twinkle down at you are overwhelming and, to contemplate their number, their distance from Earth or even their lifespan can be mindboggling and too amazing to comprehend. If you continue to look skywards you may see brighter objects that are planets in your solar system, a satellite, a plane or even a shooting star. The very lucky see comets on their trajectories or even meteorites burning up in space. There have been a few who claim to have seen a UFO or some kind of alien visitation. Generally their claims are greeted with scepticism and maybe even contempt, but the possibilities that what they witnessed was real are actually much greater than you may think. Life beyond your solar system exists in great numbers, on many different planets in their own solar systems and in different galaxies. Some life takes form as we would recognise it but, in many more cases, the ‘life’ has consciousness without taking on a recognisable, physical form.
All life in the universe has a consciousness that streams forth from its source as vibration and light. The vibration can be high or it can be very dense, depending on the ability of the life form to moderate and monitor their thoughts and actions. The collective vibrations of the human consciousness are extremely dense and of a low vibration, however it varies considerably depending on the ability of the spiritually connected and enlightened to permeate the denseness with the light and love of the Creator and the ethereal kingdom. Most other planets in the universe, however, have achieved oneness and a Fifth Dimensional state, so the collective consciousness emitted from each race is vibrationally high and very pure. So, on a collective basis the Universe vibrates continuously in a Fifth Dimensional state or above where only unconditional love exists. There are many lightworkers and starseeds now bringing though messages from beings from other worlds and galaxies. Many of these messages are accurate, inspiring and incredibly positive. In these uncertain times, the knowledge and messages that they offer are vibrationally high and may be helpful if you are struggling to raise your consciousness above the dramas of the third dimension.
I AM Lord Melchizadek.
Victoria Cochrane

I have been working with Victoria for a period of time. I have not only found Victoria a great person to work with, her gentle manner and informative information that she has shared with me has been opening me up to different levels.  Victoria is respectful, kind & her abilities to teach on the spiritual path are exceptional.
I have discovered a different me. A greater understanding of who I am.  A greater understanding of the path I have chosen.
Thank You Victoria, very much appreciated.
With much Love and Gratitude,

                                           List of Services for Victoria Cochrane
A session may include any or all of the following:
· Psychic aura reading/body scan: Victoria uses her 
clairvoyance to see what is being held 
energetically in your auric field, 
in your chakras and organs.
·   Spiritual healing: Victoria will witness powerful Divine 
healings to lift past trauma and negative belief systems to help 
you to move into the future.
·  Channelled messages from your 
angel guides and the Creator
·   Mediumship: talk to your passed over loved ones
· Psychic tarot and oracle card reading
· Reiki
· Pendulum chakra activation

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