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Reaching Out Spiritual News April 2021

Welcome to my monthly  newsletter!
My name is Victoria  Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel and live on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA)  and  had the honour of being awarded  Tasmanian Psychic Expos' 2019 Psychic of the Year!
I give psychic aura and tarot readings, soul and past-life healings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator-of-All-That-Is non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. I am based in Wynyard but can give sessions over the phone, via video call or even remotely.
To read testimonials about my work, please visit my website,
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See me every Wednesday at 12 noon on the Spiritual Events Directory's Facebook Page for The Spiritual Wisdom Hour.
Blessings, Victoria

Launceston Appointments Available

I will be available for appointments 

on April 15th in Invermay. 

Text me for appointments

on 0417581107

New Workshops!

Victoria has developed three new workshops which I will be 

delivering around Tasmania in the next few months. 

She will offer them online later in the year.

April 17th, 996 Halls Track Rd, Pelverata:

1. 1. Aligning to your Divine Blueprint

2.    The Tools of Ascension

April 18th, The Page and Cup, Hobart

1. Develop your psychic senses

May 8th, Rocky Cape Lions Club

119 Yanns Rd. Rocky Cape

1. Aligning to your Divine Blueprint

2. 2. Develop your psychic senses.

1. Aligning to your Divine Blueprint

2. 2. Develop your psychic senses.

Go to https:victoriacochrane.com/events for more details.


Victoria is Coming to Sydney!

I will be at the MBS Festival at the ICC, Darling Harbour from

19th to 22nd of May with my own stall! 

More details next month.

The Card of the Month

This month's card is from

Gaia Oracle

by Tony Carmine Salerno


Sadness, An ending, A new beginning.

“Nothing is ever truly lost. Things simply transform.

New beginnings are in store for you, lighter and brighter than ever. There is a hidden gift attached to this event. “

Spiritual Reflections

Living Life Ungrounded

The majority of humans live most of their waking hours in their minds, leaving the rest of their body and energy fields ungrounded. Living in this state can lead to blockages in the lower chakras, causing fatigue, depression, insecurity and undue anxiety. Operating predominantly from the upper chakras can mean that the person is constantly overthinking, dealing with day to day dramas and matters without noticing the world around them.

Living life ungrounded means that life is a constant rush with no meaning other than doing what is in front of you, meeting deadlines, dealing with physical illness and pain and stressing about things that will resolve themselves eventually.

Being grounded means being totally present in the present. Bringing yourself back to total mindfulness of your body and its surroundings will give you a chance to appreciate what you already have, give you more clarity and give you the chance to take a hold of your emotions. It will also mean that you are more able to respond thoughtfully, considering the other person’s point of view, rather than reacting with anger, frustration or violence.

People who are ungrounded are more likely to over-react to situations, have accidents and  to forget what they have done or where they have been. Feeling flustered, forgetful, irritated, agitated or restless are all indicators of ungrounded-ness.

When everything seems like it is getting out of hand and you are going into overwhelm, take a few moments to stop, ground and breathe. Push your energy out of your mind and down into Mother Earth, then bring it back to your solar plexus or heart centre. Slow your breathing down and concentrate completely on it, persisting even if thoughts continue to race. Count to 100 if you need to, all the while focusing on your breath and pushing your energy down into your body.

Grounding can be as simple as taking a deep breath, walking on the beach or barefoot on the grass, taking in your surroundings and being aware of your body in its surroundings, However you do it, making sure you take the time every day to keep yourself grounded  in the present could make a big difference to your mind, body and spirit. Namaste! Victoria Cochrane

  From the Web

What is a Spiritual Dimension of Reality?


Each dimension of reality has a different set of ‘laws’ that govern what generally can and cannot be done by an individual soul or consciousness that is in that dimension.

Lower dimension are more diverse and have increasingly stronger feelings of (or beliefs in) separation between forms (objects, things). Higher dimensions have increasingly stronger feelings of oneness with all forms.

Although dimensions are typically defined as discrete realms, most (but not all) agree that they actually form a gradual transition from one to the next.

All dimensions exist at the same time and occupy the same exact space, just at different vibrations or frequencies of energy. Our dream reality, for example, exists parallel to our waking reality, and we are present in each simultaneously at all times. (Note, however, that time and space are “separations” that are particularly strong in the lower dimensions, but become weaker the higher one moves up the dimensional ladder.)

In fact, our soul has a presence in all dimension at all times (see the section on Souls, below). Which dimension (or reality) we are consciously in at any moment is, in part, a matter of where we focus our attention. But it also depends on what faculties or ‘inner senses’ we are able to use to direct our focus.

As humans, our physical bodies can normally only experience a very small fraction of the full range of frequencies that are present around us all the time. We typically call this range of physical frequencies the 3rd Dimension. We can, however, experience many more dimensions through our energy body.

Overall, lower dimensions are typically described as being dense, heavy, rigid, complex, with lower vibrations or energies, and a greater sense of individuality and separation.

Higher dimensions are described as being light, transparent, flexible, less complex, and with higher frequency vibrations and, as noted above, an increasing sense of universal oneness.

That said, many of the characteristics of the 1st Dimension (described below) are similar to those of the Last or Highest Dimension, almost as if they create a loop. Some say we reincarnate through this loop — returning to the 1st Dimension after we have evolved to the Last Dimension.

Possibly the biggest confusion when people discuss dimensions is the difference between a “Dimension” and a “Density”.

Density emphasizes the the specific frequency (or state of consciousness, or awakening, or universal oneness) that a being or an object is generating or displaying at any point in time. “Dimensions”, on the other hand, are shared realms where most being are in the same density.

A higher density (or higher frequency) is said to be able to hold more information, knowledge, awareness and intelligence in their consciousness.

A lower density / frequency holds more structure, polarity / diversity, and physical experiences in their awareness.

Excerpt from





Karmic and Soul Contracts

Life is fleeting, although it may last for decades or even a century which is, in human terms, a long time. Some people live long lives, while others are only on Earth very briefly. No matter how long one lives, the impact a person’s life has upon the planet and the people around them is of great importance to the imprint on one’s soul and the level of emotional issues it leaves. All humans are on a soul journey from lifetime to lifetime; Earth is the ‘stage’ where souls act out their lessons towards evolvement and enlightenment. Many have lived countless lives and have left a large soul imprint within the fabric of consciousness that is woven between dimensions of time and space. Others have chosen to live less lifetimes in a human body but to learn larger lessons whilst in human form; so if your life is particularly hard, harsh, torturous, lonely or one of great disadvantage, it may well be that you have chosen it to be that way. One’s life could be further complicated by the lessons one has chosen to learn, the trauma their soul is carrying from this or previous lifetimes or the complexities of their spirit due to upbringing, trauma or other external forces. If one leaves their current lifetime having learnt these lessons, sometimes using them to help others, the evolution of the soul towards mastery will be expedited. However, the achievement of mastery of the soul is dependent on that soul realising and acknowledging their oneness with Source on every belief level, in every soul aspect and every level of consciousness.

It may seem that the events occurring through one’s life are random and unplanned, when in fact most people on Earth are living out lives that have been planned and mapped out from the time of their birth until their death: their parents, their siblings, their major lessons and higher purpose for being on Earth are all planned before birth. One’s soul family will also promise to enter one’s life at certain points in a lifetime in order to help keep one on track or to help in times of need or crisis. A lifetime of woe, then, is usually chosen and can be the source of major learning and fast-tracking of soul growth for that person, even though the person may not be consciously aware of it.

Another way a soul’s life contract can be interrupted is through karmic intervention. Karma involves the learning of lessons, but when a lesson is learnt at the loss of will and freedom to choose without a soul-family contract, the consequences are dire and lock the soul into the wheel of karma for as long as it takes to free themselves from the debt. Many tragedies that play out on Earth, then, are actually either souls choosing to leave of their own free will, souls playing out karma or souls leaving early as a result of karmic intervention from another.

The need to play out past-life karma stems from karmic intervention from another soul or as a result of karma one has created. If one has accumulated karma from a past life, they will meet with the soul or souls involved in between carnations and plan how that karma will be replayed in the next lifetime. So, if a soul has been responsible for a single death, then the victim will instigate or facilitate a repayment of the contract in the next lifetime. However, if the soul has been responsible for a multitude of deaths, such as a holocaust or a bombing that takes many innocent lives, the consequences will be far more serious and lengthy in terms of the number of reincarnations needed to repay the karmic debt. A soul who has lost their way in such a devastating way can spend thousands of extra lifetimes repaying every soul that was lost at their will.

The human spirit is not human although, when grounded in a physical, human body, it takes on a personality of its own, attaches to ego and can sometimes become disconnected from its divine blueprint. The spirit travels within the soul and can reincarnate over hundreds or even thousands of human lifetimes. Although the soul remains the same throughout its many reincarnations, it fractures each time, leaving a bit of itself in the memory of the last lifetime. The spirit, or essence of personality, changes each time according to past experiences, the amount of trauma the soul is still carrying and the lessons it has chosen to learn this lifetime. A soul can carry more than one memory of lifetimes, called aspects, which influence the personality and belief systems of the incarnated soul. Sometimes one aspect can be dominant. It may also take on the role of the Higher, Christed Self, which is the bridge from the human mind to divine understanding. This is more the case with highly evolved souls.

Excerpt from Chapter 7 in  The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth. Cochrane, 2020, Synk Media. Available from online booksellers.

Spiritual Musings

Angel Song

Angels cry

Angels weep

Your life is precious And yours to keep

But some of us are needed to be…

More than this as you will see

To soon we are called from above

Go back they said Its just tough love

Tough love you say I beg to differ

I miss, I loved

They were meant for us This can't


Pffft.. Just tough love

Angels cry angels love

This is what we are above

If you did not meet this one 

You would not be

Who you are Not one Not anything

you are right now

Without this love you would be in doubt

Be in trust that all is well

Trust in us to do you well

Without out guidance without our love

We could not weep

For there wouldn't be love..

Rachael Hamill


 From Boredom to Contentment

Boredom can come across a person during periods of inactivity or unrest. When a person has no purposeful activity to pursue or feels they have no purpose to fulfil, boredom can set in. Another word for boredom is discontent, and it is from this angle we address boredom here.

If you are discontent or bored, being busy may help. However, when the activity itself serves little purpose or is dull and repetitive, the state of discontent is likely to remain. Finding inspiration to change your activities, or purposeful activities that leave you feeling fulfilled, is likely to help you to turn your boredom into contentment and even happiness.

Finding the root cause of your boredom, discontent and unhappiness can be difficult and challenging, but only when you have been totally open and honest with yourself will you begin to feel empowered and inspired to change your reality. Here are three questions to ponder to help you get started.

1. What is the reason for your inner boredom or discontent? Looking deeply into one’s own truths can be confronting, but when you are honest with yourself, why are you restless, bored or unhappy?

2. How empowered do you feel to change your circumstances? Do you have the strength, courage or initiative to end stale, unfulfilling

3. Where is life leading you? Do you have a goal in mind, whether it be career wise, in your personal life, spiritually or developmentally, or are you just plodding through each day as it comes?

Remember that happiness must come from within! Being bored with a job is easy enough to find a solution to, but inner restlessness, feelings of being lost, desperate unhappiness and despair are states of mind that need deep exploration at a soul level.

I AM Archangel Michael

Victoria Cochrane

New Upcoming Workshops with Victoria!

April 17th, 966 Halls Track Rd. Pelverata

Workshop 1

Aligning to Your Divine Blueprint While Living  On Third Dimensional Earth.

· Our Divine Blueprint: reflect on what is blocking you from living your best spiritual life

· The importance of connecting to the Supreme Creator and the Adamantine Particles of Creation

· The Planes of Existence and Dimensions of Consciousness

Workshop 2

The Tools of Ascension Towards Becoming a Spiritual Self-Master

 Engage in Meditations and Practical Exercises to connect to your Archangel Guide and to Activate your Chakras Towards Bringing In Your Lightbody..

All notes provided.

April 18th at The Page and Cup, Elizabeth St. Hobart.

Do you have gifts but need guidance to develop them? Whether you are a complete novice or are a fair way down the psychic path, this workshop will help you to recognise your strengths and give you some tools to continue with your spiritual development

Participate in activities and exercises to:

· Believe you can be psychic and trust your intuition

· Find your strongest psychic clair

· Develop your strongest psychic clair

· Learn practical ways to protect your energies

· Connect to your angelic guides

· Learn to use psychic tools more effectively and intuitively

.All notes provided.

Victoria’s books will be for sale through Victoria on the day at a discounted price.

Go to https://victoriacochrane.com/events for more information.



The Last Word

A Word From Creator

The energies that abound on Earth at present are directly associated with Ascension, but there are also darker forces still working to disrupt the lives and souls of humans for their own gain. You must be diligent in protecting yourself from negative and disruptive energy. It is not enough to simply ground, or to use crystals or to wash off in water. The only true protection from mind control, mind chatter and psychic attack is through me, the Creator of All-That-Is.

The Human Collective Consciousness remains constantly under attack from negative entities and human thought forms that are constantly working to keep the Earth’s population in the Third Dimension. You must be vigilant in maintaining strong and high vibrations that are capable of rising above the dense energies that are muddling your minds and creating violence amongst your fellow man.

All experiences on Earth are lessons for soul growth, and you have chosen most of the lessons you are learning. However, it is possible, in these tumultuous energies, for your mind to play tricks on you and for you thus to make choices in words and actions that are not for your highest and best, severely hampering your soul journey. Be careful, Loved Ones, for the karma of today is instant and could incur serious consequences for you and your loved ones.

Ask for my help to see everything from a place of love. Again, I stress that religion is not required to know my love, nor do you need to know me through Jesus, although his love is there for you instantly, should you need it. Pray to me, call me into your heart space and allow me to protect you. My energy is the essence of love and it is unconditional. It is protection from the lower energies that plague the Earth at this time and which threaten to keep Man in the thought-modes of destruction and hatred. Rise above it! When you are in the vibration of love, no lower vibrations or their dramas can affect you. I urge you to protect yourself in this way every day.

Love just is.

Love is my light.

I AM Creator of All-That-Is




Victoria Cochrane's Books

The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth

If the world is a stage for humans to learn lessons each incarnation towards soul development, enlightenment and mastery, what can the planet Earth teach us? While our life experiences may shape us and influence the direction our lives take, how many of us take notice of how the natural world can be used as a guide to adapting to the changes that impact our lives on a daily basis?

Completely channelled by Victoria Cochrane from the Masters of the Cosmic Council through the Creator of All That Is, The Book of Life is divided into three parts. The first part, “Awakening to Your Divine Blueprint,” discusses the soul journey of humans on Earth in terms of dimensions of consciousness and the quest to rise above the drama and denseness of the Third Dimension. In Part Two,  “The Gift of Life on Earth: Connecting to the Elements of Nature,” the Masters describe how the elements and animals in nature, such as rivers, mountains, bees and birds, relate to elements of our lives and can teach us how to achieve a state of Being above the illusions and dramas of Third Dimensional Earth. Although short, Part 3, “Embodying Your Spirituality” addresses the state of global panic due to Corona Virus and the reasons the need for change in the way humans live on the planet is so urgent. It ends the book with positive words and meditations to help readers to overcome fear and to begin to embody their spirituality as an everyday way of life, not just an occasional practice.

Every chapter is accompanied by a meditation directly relating to the chapter which can be used by the reader to attain and retain balance in their lives. Each meditation has been beautifully recorded by Victoria and are accompanied by the soothing and relaxing music of Christopher Lloyd Clarke from Enlightened Audio. They are fully accessible upon purchase of the book.

The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth will both challenge your thinking and enlighten your mind. It is a gift from the Source of Creation to help you to take back your power, alter your perspective and to raise your vibrations to a heightened state of consciousness.

This is an important book for humanity and one you will come back to again and again.



Print versions of Victoria’s books can be ordered from her website,


Print and e-books are also available at Amazon and all online sellers.


Victoria has contributed to the Spiritual Discovery Journal (2020, Synk Media). Learn different ways of journalling from 12 practitioners who are all experts in their field.

$49.99 from online booksellers

Download the new Rebirth Vade Mecum magazine, published by Spiritual Events and Directory at https://spiritualeventsdirectory.com/rebirth-magazine/

Read my article about filling your energetic cups!



“Morning Victoria. I just wanted to let you know that my arm has not ached at all since you worked on it and omg my mind is the calmest it's been in nearly 4 years. I actually sat down and watched a movie Friday and Saturday night with out being distracted. I haven't been able to do that for a long time. I almost have to tell myself to think about things lol. ( not that I'm going to do that). I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to give my mind a rest. “  March 2021,C.P

                                           Victoria's List of Services 
A session may include any or all of the following:
· Psychic aura reading/body scan: Victoria uses her 
clairvoyance to see what is being held 
energetically in your auric field, 
in your chakras and organs.
·   Spiritual healing: Victoria will witness powerful Divine 
healings to lift past trauma and negative belief systems to help 
you to move into the future.
·  Channelled messages from your 
angel guides and the Creator
·   Mediumship: talk to your passed over loved ones
· Psychic tarot and oracle card reading
· Reiki
· Pendulum chakra activation

By appointment at 120 Goldie St Wynyard,
by phone or video call.
Phone: 0417581107

Victoria Cochrane Publications

Victoria Cochrane Publications: Beautiful Messages for the World!
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If you find meditation difficult, this DVD is for you!
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