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Reaching Out Spiritual News June 2021

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My name is Victoria  Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel and live on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA)  and  had the honour of being awarded  Tasmanian Psychic Expos' 2019 Psychic of the Year!
I give psychic aura and tarot readings, soul and past-life healings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator-of-All-That-Is non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. I am based in Wynyard but can give sessions over the phone, via video call or even remotely.
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 A Word from the Creator

Actions and words based on fear will only generate more fear which will generate the heightened emotions and reactions that could incite violence and acts of injustice. Choose love over fear and your world will change for the better.

Card of the Month

This month’s card is from

How to Love Yourself Cards

by Louise Hay

“I allow myself to accept prosperity:

Money is simply energy and an exchange of services. How much I have depends on how much I believe I deserve.”


Spiritual Reflections

Taking the Bullet Train

The channelling on p.4 “The Mass Exodus” came about when a friend asked why there seemed to be an unprecedented large number of people leaving the planet. The answer is that the energies of Ascension are at an all time high and many of those who can’t raise their vibrations to meet them are choosing the death door.

It raises the question, though, of how people are managing when they are growing spiritually while  family and friends remain stubbornly unable to accept their path or beliefs? What should one do when one’s partner, parents , siblings or friends are staunchly negative and stuck in the dense third dimensional realities?

Awakening to one’s own divinity and connecting to one’s own spiritual and, possibly, one’s own psychic gifts is an amazing journey. Once you are on the spiritual train, so to speak, there is no going back and the realisation that there is so much support in the etheric realm is comforting and validating. For me, it was a slow and steady journey of learning, practising and trial by error; my journey from amateur to professional took a long time. In these times, however, awakening is happening with a jolt and the vehicle is a bullet, not steam train! Why? Because we are running out of time.

If your family is against or lacks understanding about your spiritual path, that is their choice. The gap between the level of your consciousness and theirs is widening and it is not you who should acquiesce. It is much easier for people who are more awakened to get dragged back down into density than it is for others to expand their consciousness and work on themselves. You’ve done the work. The sad reality is that, if people close to you won’t accept your journey then they will drop away and you need to allow that. Self preservation is key.

What to do? Send them love flat out! Put yourself in a bubble of light and continue meditating, connecting to your guides and working on letting the past go to allow your continued evolvement. Use the Violet Flame of Transmutation every day to cleanse the energy between you and your family and ask Archangel Michael to cut ties with any toxic, negative and energetically draining energy that may have hooked into you. Keep grounded and connected and work on your self love, acceptance and confidence because people stuck in the lower dimensions will undermine it all if they can.

We are now in the new age of Aquarius and that is not going to change. So, get on board the bullet train of Ascension and strap yourself in. There is no time to waste! VC


  From the Web

10 Signs You Are Spiritually Gifted cont.


You may have sensations and emotional outbursts that are not yours. It can be someone else’s sensations channeling through you. It may sound a bit farfetched, but it happens all the time.

A story stated that a woman was driving on I-10 in Florida and was about to pass a semi-truck. Every time she got close to the truck, she felt scared, even terrified. She was so anxious that she felt as if they would shoot her.

She knew that she was spiritually gifted. But she wasn’t sure if the spirit was trying to warn her about danger or she was channeling the energy of others. She quickly learned she was an empath. The experience was so uncomfortable that she couldn’t get it out of her mind.

She found out later that her brother’s wife had been kidnapped and was held at gunpoint in Los Angeles. She knew that the emotions she was feeling were that of her sister-in-law. Her sixth sense allowed her to feel these sensations to pray for her family.


It’s often thought that children are the recipients of night terrors because they have irrational fears and are natural empaths. However, some experts say that the reason why children experience these dreams is that they are so sensitive to the spirit realm.

Have you ever heard of the “Delta and Theta” state? When an adult that is spiritually gifted enters this state, they can see things beyond the normal scope. If a spirit is trying to communicate with you but is not getting your attention, then nightmares are another way to communicate.

Remember, they will do anything they can to get your attention, even if it means waking you up at night in a panic.


Have you had a tingling sensation when someone tells you something amazing? Some call them tickling vibrations or tingles. However, sometimes you feel so excited inside that you want to dance with glee.

Tingling sensations can be magical; some even describe them as miraculous. These phenomena are just spirit confirming or communicating with you in another way.


Most people know where the “third eye” is located. Have you ever felt a pressure in this area right between your eyebrows?

Spiritual experts say that clairvoyant people can often receive messages when they feel these pangs in this area. Additionally, other individuals say that they can see another person’s chakra colors when they open their third eye.

Doing some spiritual exercises can help you to open and close this extraordinary vision with ease.


People who have discernment can tell you things present in the room that others can’t see. For instance, they can recognize when an evil entity enters the room. Spirit will give you different feelings to acknowledge the presence. You may get a chill up your spine, or they may be able to see the entity visually.

As you grow in your gifts and callings, you will soon be able to channel the spiritual world as it comes to you, but you also need to know when to close your third eye to get rest. All these things will come with time and practice.



The Mass Exodus

There have been many deaths in the past 18-24 months across the globe. Many are due to the viral infection of Covid 19, but there have also been a larger number of suicides, deaths by illness and accident as well as people passing suddenly and unexpectedly. The question could well be asked why so many people have left the planet? The answer lies in vibrational frequency and depths of consciousness.

All human souls have a life contract that pertains to their soul journey, the depth of their spiritual understanding up to the last lifetime and how far they have come, or have grown spiritually, in all of that time. While all souls come from the light and are all connected to the Supreme Source, the wheel of reincarnation is fraught with the danger that, once the soul has anchored their spirit again in human form on Earth, indoctrination, trauma and abuse could see it deviate from its divine plan  ̶  one can lose their spiritual perspective and connection to their higher self very quickly in the dense vibrations of Earth. In addition to this, all human sous travel along their path with soul families that can become fractured over time if there has been a lot of trauma, karmic intervention or deep loss of connection to Source to one or more souls within in between lifetimes.

The vibration of a person’s consciousness can be steeped in human misery for many lifetimes, keeping their soul imprints trapped in lower levels of the spirit world after each death, causing their oversoul to keep reincarnating again and again. It is only when their soul can release some of the trauma accrued over those lifetimes, resolving karmic debt and limiting soul contracts that their vibrational frequency can rise enough for them to begin awakening to their divine blueprint.

There are many circumstances behind the passing of souls around the globe in recent times, many of them seemingly before their time. As upsetting as losing a loved one is, we wish to assure you that their passing was always assisted and supported in the most loving way. To choose to take the death door offered before one’s soul contract is completed is always a risk due to the fact that the wheel of karma could be activated, the soul may become stuck in a lower level of the fourth plane or, their reincarnation to finish their soul’s contract will result in the realities of life being harsher the second time around. However, many people who have died recently have stayed beyond their time and have been called ‘home’ to allow the ascension of the planet without as much resistance and negativity.

All angelic and higher realm frequencies MUST be grounded through a human body in order to make a positive impact on Earth. Accordingly, only those people who have begun the process of awakening or whose soul has achieved a level of mastery in a previous lifetime (and agreed to assist humanity as part of their soul evolvement) can withstand the energy of etheric beings without becoming frightened, unwell or misled.

So, people are now finding they need to make a choice, to either awaken or leave this lifetime, because the gap between the first, second, third, fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies are becoming too vast for people caught in the three lower dimensions to comprehend what is happening around them. The more people that awaken, the higher the vibrational frequencies become in the human collective consciousness, in the universal mind and in the many sub-levels between the dimensions. This causes much disequilibrium in the subconscious states of humans stuck in the density of third dimensional physical realities, because their physical bodies cannot withstand the heightened energies being absorbed by their etheric bodies.

All of you are on your own journey. The human psyche will judge and condemn those not seen to be doing the ‘right thing’, while the Creator of All That Is will lovingly allow free will to determine the outcome one’s life will ultimately take. Be aware that no man is an island and all in the Universe is energy that is connected through the energy of unconditional love. There are many lives that could potentially be saved simply by accepting the person as they are, leaving judgement and advice behind and simply holding the space for them. However, should people choose to leave now, whether it be of their own volition, because it is their time or because the energy on Earth no longer matches theirs, please know that they are never alone, no matter how low or advanced their consciousness is.

Send love to the planet, dear hearts. Deploy God’s army, the Elohim, to spread love, the Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Christ Consciousness gold ray into the Human Collective Consciousness, to nature, to Mother Earth’s diamond core and to innocent people whose energies are being intervened upon. Ask it be done in the highest and best way, with Divine ease and grace and by the law of Grace and it will be done.

I AM Lord Melchizadek


Spiritual Musings

The Simple Things

In a life that seems so complicated
And full of drama, pain and fear,
It's time to  notice all the simple things
that can make our lives so full.

A baby's smile, a child's laugh
 A loving hug and the sound of rain,
 the magpie's song at the break of day,
The glorious sunset in the evening.

The clear cool water washing over your feet
As the waves wash in from the sea,
The feel of the sand between your toes,
The warmth of the sun on your back.

The loving welcome you get from your dog,
The contented purr of your cat,
The playful banter with your partner or friend,
A relaxing bath when you're tired.

There are a multitude of simple things
In which we can take pleasure,
If only we could take the time
To stop and really see them.

If your glass is always threatening
to be less than half-empty,
Find the blessings in simple things
And see every day as a gift.


 Just a Pain?

Bearing the weight of your world on one shoulder? Consider the spiritual meaning of right shoulder pain and how to address it.

Sometimes our bodies flare in unpredictable ways. Sometimes they do so in predictable patterns. When we have pain in the right shoulder, especially once we’ve seen the doctor and the physiotherapist and whoever else we work with on our bodies, it might be worth thinking about the spiritual meaning of this right shoulder pain.

Bracing for a Blow

When we are under stress, many of us unconsciously hunch and twist in towards ourselves. Imagine someone was throwing a dodgeball at you—how would you protect yourself? You’d turn away from the impact, contracting your abdomen and curling around yourself. Instinctually, most of us do this by showing the metaphorical dodgeball our right shoulder blade—if there’s an impact, it won’t hit the heart.

This movement pattern shows up unconsciously in our bodies when we are under stress or have experienced trauma. It would be difficult for another person to see without specific movement training, but it’s there: The hip flexors are contracted asymmetrically, the back is slightly hunched, and the body is a little bit twisted.

If there is pain in the right shoulder, it might indicate that you are bracing for a metaphorical blow. Have there been any major stressful events in your life recently? Or have you been managing semi-constant stress? Your body may be winding up to protect itself. How can you bring the body back to a place of feeling safe and confident, where you can open your chest again to the challenges you face in your life?

Yin/Yang and Your Right Shoulder Pain

In Chinese medicine, it is understood that everything has either yin-dominant or yang-dominant energy (though they are always both present in some balance). In general, the right side of the body is yang-dominant: it is related to action, decision-making, light, and energy. The right side of the body is the can-do, go-for-it side. This can go out of balance in a couple of ways.

[Read Julie’s “Cool It Practice: Balancing Yin and Yang in Good Measure.”]

Sometimes there is something that needs to be done that we are resisting, but usually pain in the right side means we’ve been trying to do too much—or too much of the wrong things. There is an imbalance of yang energy in the body, and it needs to be balanced with some yin energy—which is related to patience, softness, and rest.

Right Shoulder, Left Brain

From neuroscience we know that the left brain mostly controls the function of the right side of the body and vice versa. For that reason, symptoms that manifest in the right side of the body could be related to the functions of the left brain. The left brain is where we do our figuring out: it focuses on language, lists, counting, logic, and organizing. It is our work brain. The right brain, on the other hand, is more interested in emotion, music, and creativity.

If we are right-handed, as an estimated 90 percent of us are, we communicate and act from the right side of our body. The right is the hand we shake with, write with, and pick up whatever it is we need to grasp. Your right side is your “doing” side, while your left side is your “feeling” side. (And these actions are typically swapped for left-handed people.)

Questions to Ask Your Right Shoulder

With all this in mind, we may be able to inquire into the spiritual meaning of our right shoulder pain. Here are some questions to journal with or meditate on:

· Is there something you’ve been trying that just isn’t working?

· Have you been pushing yourself despite signals from your body that you need rest?

· Have you been trying to figure out something that doesn’t have a solution?

Have you been trying to control something that can’t be controlled (like a person or a relationship?)


The Last Word

Give Gratitude and Manifest!

What happens for you depends on the intentions behind your thoughts and actions. It is all to do with your vibration, and whether you are intent on only serving yourself or whether you wish to help others. It also depends on how you ask for whatever you need and whether you are truly grateful for what you are to receive, and for what you already have.

Gratitude is the key to unlocking your powers of manifestation. When you are grateful for what you have, no matter how small it is, you open the doors to receiving more.

As above, so below.

Gratitude puts out an aura of positive vibrations that resonate in the universe as love. Gratitude also allows you to let go of the egotistical nature that is intrinsic to humans. When you give gratitude for what you have, as well as asking gratefully for what you need or want, the universe will respond in kind and in your highest and best interests.

When you ask for what you want and need without giving thanks or blessings, the universe will still respond, however the vibration of the response will be lower and you will receive what you ask for in that same vibration that you asked for it.

Belief in your own ability to manifest what you need or want, combined with belief in the abundance of the Universe being open to all, is also crucial, for lack of belief will always undermine intention and action. What you believe you create, so you cannot manifest anything if you don’t believe that you can!

Once you have set your intentions and thanked the Universe for bringing you what you need, send light and love into it and then let go of attachment to the outcome as much as you can.

Faith and trust will bring results much more quickly and effectively that expectation.

I AM Archangel Michael  VC


Victoria Cochrane's Books

The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth

If the world is a stage for humans to learn lessons each incarnation towards soul development, enlightenment and mastery, what can the planet Earth teach us? While our life experiences may shape us and influence the direction our lives take, how many of us take notice of how the natural world can be used as a guide to adapting to the changes that impact our lives on a daily basis?

Completely channelled by Victoria Cochrane from the Masters of the Cosmic Council through the Creator of All That Is, The Book of Life is divided into three parts. The first part, “Awakening to Your Divine Blueprint,” discusses the soul journey of humans on Earth in terms of dimensions of consciousness and the quest to rise above the drama and denseness of the Third Dimension. In Part Two,  “The Gift of Life on Earth: Connecting to the Elements of Nature,” the Masters describe how the elements and animals in nature, such as rivers, mountains, bees and birds, relate to elements of our lives and can teach us how to achieve a state of Being above the illusions and dramas of Third Dimensional Earth. Although short, Part 3, “Embodying Your Spirituality” addresses the state of global panic due to Corona Virus and the reasons the need for change in the way humans live on the planet is so urgent. It ends the book with positive words and meditations to help readers to overcome fear and to begin to embody their spirituality as an everyday way of life, not just an occasional practice.

Every chapter is accompanied by a meditation directly relating to the chapter which can be used by the reader to attain and retain balance in their lives. Each meditation has been beautifully recorded by Victoria and are accompanied by the soothing and relaxing music of Christopher Lloyd Clarke from Enlightened Audio. They are fully accessible upon purchase of the book.

The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth will both challenge your thinking and enlighten your mind. It is a gift from the Source of Creation to help you to take back your power, alter your perspective and to raise your vibrations to a heightened state of consciousness.

This is an important book for humanity and one you will come back to again and again.


Print versions of Victoria’s books can be ordered from her website,

Print and e-books are also available at Amazon and all online sellers.


Victoria has contributed to the Spiritual Discovery Journal (2020, Synk Media). Learn different ways of journalling from 12 practitioners who are all experts in their field.

$49.99 from online booksellers

Download the new Rebirth Vade Mecum magazine, published by Spiritual Events and Directory at

Read my article about filling your energetic cups! 


I wanted to let you all know that if you haven’t yet read Victoria’s ‘The Book of Life – Lessons from Mother Earth’ then I would really encourage you to do so. Amazing, inspiring and beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it. I have read this book several times now, and it still brings tears to my eyes each time. You can feel the love from spirit and Mother Earth through Victoria’s channelled words, as it connects deeply with a place in your heart. I found that reading the messages in this book is a healing exercise in itself!  C.G. 

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